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Using The Sterilize Milk Bottle Feature; Sterilize Milk Bottle Feature Settings - Samsung MW73C Owner's Instructions Manual

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Using the Sterilize Baby Bottle Feature
With the Sterilize a Baby Bottle feature, the heating time is set
automatically and you do not have to press the Baby Bottle button.
Place the Baby Bottle to be sterilized onto the turntable.
Press the Baby Bottle (
If you want to cancel the sterilization process, press the Stop (
1. Do not heat the Baby Bottle when empty.
2. Use a cooking glove to remove the sterilized Baby bottle
as it is very hot.
3. Do not open the door while sterilization is in progress.
4. Wait one minute before opening the door after sterilization
is completed. Failing to do so may cause the hot water to
boil over.
5. Do not fill the bottle to be sterilized over 50 ml. Hot water
may boil over, resulting in burns!
) button once.
1) The Baby Bottle operation will automatically
start after 2 seconds.
Sterilize Baby Bottle Feature Settings
The following table presents the Sterilize Baby Bottle Programs,
quantities, standing times and appropriate recommendations.
Button Item
Serving Size
Baby Bottle
1~2 pieces
1~2 min
Fill each bottle with 50 ml of
water, and insert the nipples into
a heat resistance container filled
with 90 ml of water.
Press the Baby Bottle button to
start the process.



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