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English – Troubleshooting
Your PC does not recognize the HP DVD Movie
Double-check all cable connections.
If you are using your own USB cable, try using the USB
cable included with the HP DVD Movie Writer instead.
Try connecting the HP DVD Movie Writer to a different
USB port on your computer.
If the HP DVD Movie Writer is connected to a USB hub,
try connecting it directly to your computer instead.
If the HP DVD Movie Writer is connected to a USB 1.1
port, unplug all non-active USB devices.
Make sure the HP DVD Movie Writer has power. The
whenever the unit has power.
Try the following: shut down and power off your
computer, unplug power to the drive, wait a few
seconds, then plug in the drive, and then power up your
PC with the drive connected.
No preview in ArcSoft ShowBiz 2
Check the HP DVD Movie Writer's video activity
indicator light; it should be lit whenever a video signal is
present. If the indicator is not lit, check all cables and
If you are using your own audio/video cables, try using
the included ones instead.
Verify that your camcorder or VCR is working by
connecting it to a TV to see that it's playing correctly.
Choppy preview in muvee autoProducer
The video preview function within the muvee software
often appears choppy. Under normal circumstances, this
choppiness is seen only during the preview phase; it
does not affect your final DVD movie.
button lights should be on
Limitations of USB 1.1
USB 1.1 is not fast enough to keep up with the transfer
rate required to record DVDs at the drive's maximum
capability. The slow transfer rate can also prevent
smooth playback of many DVD movie discs. If you are
experiencing these problems, and your HP DVD Movie
Writer is connected to a USB 1.1 port, you may see
improved performance by disconnecting non-active USB
If the drive is connected to a USB 1.1 hub, try bypassing
the hub and connecting the drive directly to your
While these changes may minimally improve
performance, for best results we recommend attaching
the HP DVD Movie Writer to a USB 2.0 port.

Additional information

Your HP DVD Movie Writer must be attached to your PC
to transfer video or record DVDs. Make sure you have
installed the software and drivers on your PC before
getting started.
The HP DVD Movie Writer has two built-in USB ports.
The port on the back connects to your PC. The accessory
port on the side is intended for connecting external
USB 2.0 or 1.1 devices, such as a digital camera. Note
the accessory USB port will not operate as a pass-
through port when the HP DVD Movie Writer is not
powered on.
Video files can be very large. Make sure you have
enough free hard drive space to hold the file you're
transferring or working with. On average, MPEG-2 video
files require about 2.3 GB per 1 hour of video.
Working with video can be demanding on your PC.
Make sure your system meets or exceeds the minimum
system requirements.
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