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Timer Function - Philips AC4064 User Manual

Cleanair system
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Before first use
Placing the zeolite gas filter
The appliance comes with all filters, except the zeolite gas filter, fitted inside.
Tip: Place the appliance against a wall for more stability when you remove or insert filters.
Note: Make sure you insert the filters in the correct position (with the arrow facing upwards).
Note: The appliance is equipped with a safety device. If you have not placed the ESP particle filter, the
zeolite gas filter and the front panel properly, you cannot switch on the appliance.
Place your fingers in the recesses of the side panels. (Fig. 2)

Gently pull the top part of the front panel off the appliance (1) and then lift the panel
upwards to remove it (2) (Fig. 3).

To remove the ESP particle filter, grab the filter handles on both sides and gently slide the
filter out of the appliance. (Fig. 4)

Remove all packaging material from the zeolite gas filter and slide the filter into the
appliance. (Fig. 5)
You can only insert the zeolite gas filter after you have removed the particle filter.
To insert the ESP particle filter, slide it into the appliance ('click') (Fig. 6).
To reattach the front panel, insert the bottom edge first (1) and then press the top part
home (2) (Fig. 7).
using the appliance
Put the plug in the wall socket
The standby light goes on (Fig. 8).

Press the function selection button one or more times to select the required function and
setting (Fig. 9).
The corresponding light goes on and the standby light goes out.
SmartAir Control: the built-in air sensor determines the ambient air quality and automatically
selects the most appropriate speed. In the first few minutes after you select the SmartAir
Control function, the air quality indicator flashes red to indicate that the air quality sensor is
measuring the ambient air quality. After approximately 5 minutes, the air quality indicator
lights up green if the air quality is good or lights up red if the air quality is poor (Fig. 10).
BoostPower: the appliance operates at high speed for 30 minutes (BoostPower light is on)
and then automatically switches to Smart Air Control (BoostPower light goes out
and SmartAir Control light goes on) (Fig. 11).
Speed: the appliance operates at the speed you select.
ê = low speed
ë = medium speed
í = high speed

To stop the appliance from operating, press the function selection button until the standby
light goes on (Fig. 12).

Unplug the appliance.

timer function

Put the plug in the wall socket and select the required function and setting as
described above.


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