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Something Not Working - Zanussi TL1000 Instruction Manual

Washing machine tl 1000
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If your aplliance is not working correctly, please carry out the following checks before calling out an engineer.
The machine does not start
The machine does not fill
The machine empties as it
The machine does not drain
or spin
The machine leaks or
The machine vibrates or is
The lid does not open
The ON/OFF button has not been
The lid is not properly closed
The appliance is not plugged in
There is no electricity supply from
the wall socket
The programme selector dial is not
correctly positioned
The water is not turned on
The water supply has been cut off
The inlet hose is kinked
The water pressure is too low
The water inlet filter is clogged
The end of the drain hose is too low
The end of the drain hose is sub-
merged in water
The Rinse Hold button has been
The drain filter is clogged
The drain hose is bent
The drainage system pipes are
The drain hose extension is
The wash load is unbalanced
Too much detergent
Unsuitable detergent
The detergent dispenser is blocked
The end of the drain hose is not
correctly positioned
The bung of the drain filter hose is
not in position
The internal packing and/or transit
bolts have not been removed
The wash load is unevenly distributed
The machine is overloaded
The safety device has locked it
Water in the tub
Press the ON/OFF button
Close the lid
Plug in the appliance
Check the fuse
Turn the selector dial to the
required programme
Turn on the water
Wait until the water supply is
Straighten the inlet hose
Consult a qualified plumber
Clean the filter
Position the drain hose at the
correct height (between 60 and 90 cm)
Re-position the drain hose so it
is not submerged
Release the Rinse Hold button
Clean the filter
Straighten the hose
Consult a plumber
Consult a plumber
Reload the washing and select
a spin programme
Reduce the quantity of detergent
Use only detergent for
automatic washing machines
Clean the dispenser
Re-position the drain hose
Refit the drain hose bung
Remove internal packing/
transit bolts
See hints and tips section
Observe the maximum loads
quoted for the programme
Wait 2 minutes after programme
end before opening the lid
Select a drain or spin programme



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