Electrolux Tumble dryer Instruction Book

Electrolux Tumble dryer Instruction Book

Condensing tumble dryer
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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    The materials are identified according Check that the tumble dryer is undamaged. If you to international standards. discover any damage, faults or that anything is missing, you should notify the seller immediately.
  • Page 3: Safety Information

    Safety information Before installing or using the tumble dryer, read the instruction booklet carefully, including its hints and warnings. Doing so will help ensure that your dryer will function properly and to best advantage. Anyone using the dryer should be thoroughly familiar with its instructions for use and the safety aspects.
  • Page 4: Description Of The Appliance

    Description of the appliance Door Latch (push the knob to the right to open) Avoid opening the door while a program is in progress. Space for programme chart (Self-adhesive label) Control panel Warm air discharge Air ducts Condenser This is built into the door and needs to be cleaned at regular intervals.
  • Page 5 Description of the appliance 13. Connector for drain hose There is a drain hose as an extra accessory for you who want and can connect the tumble- dryer directly to a drain outlet. Fix the hose to the connector (13) after releasing the hose clip and removing the plug.
  • Page 6: Instructions For Use

    Check that the dryer is connected to the electrical supply. (dry items) Open the door by pushing the knob to the To help you load your tumble dryer correctly, here right (A). are some examples of average garment or item weights. These are based on cotton goods.
  • Page 7: Items Which Should Not Be Tumble Dried

    If dried outdoors on Dry flat a line these fibres will be blown away by the wind. In a tumble dryer the fluff is collected in the filter and accumulates through the drying process. This is very significant to those who suffer from asthma or allergies.
  • Page 8: Programme Chart

    The programs can be divided into two types: automatic programs and timed programs. The automatic programs (A–D) switch off the tumble dryer when the load has been dried to the extent required. The timed programs are for special requirements or finishing drying individual items. Using these, the dryer will continue to dry through the time you have set, unless the load is dry before that time has elapsed.
  • Page 9: The Indicator Lights

    The indicator lights The indicator lights on the panel have three possible statuses: fixed light, flashing slowly and flashing rapidly. The table below explains the meanings of the various lights or combinations of lights. Fixed light Drying stage in progress. Cool-down stage in progress.
  • Page 10: Maintenance

    (this could cause overheating). Cleaning the condenser As in all types of tumble dryer, the air circulated through the dryer picks up fluff. As a result, some fluff will accumulate in the condenser, so it needs to be cleaned occasionally.
  • Page 11: Emptying The Water Tank

    Maintenance Emptying the water tank If you have connected the tumble dryer directly to a waste pipe with the accessory hose, you can ignore this section. But note that even if the water tank has been by- passed in this way, the indicator light that warns that the tank is full will flash intermittently during the anti-crease stage.
  • Page 12: If The Dryer Is Not Working

    Turn the selector to the setting required. sequence 1->2->3->4->1->2 etc. If this does not help, call service. Never attempt to repair the tumble dryer yourself. Repairs carried out by unauthorised or inexperienced persons can cause injury or serious malfunctioning.
  • Page 13: Service

    Service Service and spare parts If a fault arises, first work through the list "If the dryer is not working" to make sure that it is not a problem which you can put right yourself. If you have to call out a service engineer to remedy one of the problems in this list, you risk having to pay the call-out charge yourself.
  • Page 14: Installation

    Installation Positioning You can install this dryer in a number of different ways. The adjustable feet must not be removed, We will show you the most suitable of these. Whichever they ensure that there is adequate venti- way you install it, here are some points to bear in mind: lation underneath the dryer.
  • Page 15: Wall Mounting

    Installation Wall mounting If you are installing the dryer between wall-mounted Different wall materials require different types of cupboards, you should use the wall mounting console. mounting hardware. Purchase mounting hardware If the adjacent cupboards are more than 370 mm suited to the walls in your home.

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