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Unpacking And Installation; Transit Security Bars; Hydraulic Connection - Zanussi ADVANTAGE400 Instruction Booklet

Washing machine advantage400
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Before starting the machine up, the transport security
bars must be removed as follows:
You are advised to keep all the transport security bars in
case the appliance has to be transported again.
1. Unscrew and remove the
three rear screws by
means of a key.
2. Lean the appliance back
on the rear and fit one of
the polystyrene angles
between the appliance
and the floor.
Make sure the hoses
are not squashed.
3. Carefully remove the
plastic bags on the right
and the left, pulling them
to the centre of the
4. Place the machine in an
upright position and
remove the three plastic
5. Plug the 3 holes with the
plastic plugs which you
can find in the envelope
containing the instruction


There should be a COLD WATER tap near the washing
machine with a screwing on connection pipe of 3/4 gas for
the water supply, a sink, a wash basin or a drainage system
in the wall.
Previously check if:
it is not a hot water tap.
the running water is clean. If not, run off a
reasonable amount of water to flush out any debris
that may have collected in the pipes.
Have the permanent drainage system in the wall checked
by a plumber.
Place the enclosed rubber joint, delivered in a plastic bag
together with the appliance (A), at the very end of the inlet
hose and carefully screw the pipe to the tap taking care not
to damage the screwdrive and fix the nut well on to the end
in order to avoid leaking.
Now tighten the nut anew to avoid leaks. (Open the tap and
asure that it does not leak and close it again.)
If necessary turn the hose
adequately by unscrewing
the nut at the rear of the
Place the discharging hose
in a washbasin or sink with
the aid of the bent piece
delivered separately. The
bent piece has to be
entered into the tube's
mouth in order to assure
the support. Aforesaid
piece allows the hose to be
fixed to the wall by means
of an opening on the upper
part and that way the hose
does not move and its
falling is avoided.

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