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Levelling; Electrical Connection - Zanussi ADVANTAGE400 Instruction Booklet

Washing machine advantage400
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IMPORTANT: The distance from the floor to the highest
part of the hose should be between 60 to 90 cm. (It is
advised to be between 60 and 70 cm). The hose must not
be bent nor twisted to avoid clogging. Should a prolongation
of the discharging hose be unavoidable this must never
surpass 1.5 m and must be of the same diameter as the
original hose.
Make sure the hoses are not too tense.


Level the appliance by loosening or tightening the feet.
Once in the right position fix the feet by pushing the nuts
against the base of the case. Accurate levelling will prevent
vibration, noise and displacement of the appliance during
Some vibration is inevitable, especially if placed on a
wooden floor. Wooden floors are particularly susceptible to
vibrations. For advice, consult a builder. If posible always
place the appliance on a solid floor.
1,5 m. Maximun
1,5 m. Maximum
Before plugging the appliance make sure that:
1º the mains of your installation is the same as on the
rating plate of your appliance (the plate is sticked to the
rear of the appliance).
2º The meter, the fuses, the wiring and the socket outlet
can support the max. power absorbed stated on the rating
3º The socket base and the plug must fit in adequately
without any reducing interposition, multiple outlets or
adapters. If necessary replace the socket outlet by an
adequate one.
The applicable rules for electrical security require an
adequate earthing. The plug of the appliance is
provided with such a device.
Make sure your socket outlet is provided with an
adequate earthing too.
The manufacturer declines any liability in case of
accidents or incidents should these safety measures
not be observed.
(Never touch the washing machine or any electric appliance
while standing on a wet floor or being barefoot.)

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