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Casio 5196 Operation Manual

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Operation Guide 5196/5252/5301
About this manual
Operations are performed using the watch's crown and the A button.
Module 5196
About the face
Second click
When you push the crown back in from the fi rst click, the x Second Hand will perform
movement that indicates whether the watch's battery requires charging before
resuming regular timekeeping. See "Charging Guide" (page E-17).
High-speed Forward and Reverse Movement
Things to check before using the watch
1. Observe the movement of the x Second Hand.
Is the x Second Hand moving smoothly at one-second intervals?
x x Second Hand moving in the
following pattern.
Is the x Second Hand moving at two-second intervals or is it stopped completely?
Charge the watch by placing it in a location where it is exposed to light. For
details, see "Charging the Watch" (page E-14).
Module 5252
Module 5301
The following explains the meanings of the markings on the
watch's face.
Y (YES)/N (NO): Time calibration signal reception result
Y (YES): Successful
N (NO): Unsuccessful
See "To check the result of the latest receive operation"
(page E-30).
RC: Receive in progress
See "To perform manual receive" (page E-29).
A (AM)/P (PM): AM and PM indications when setting
the time
See "To set the time manually" (page E-36).
Signal reception location
See "Radio Controlled Atomic Timekeeping" (page E-23).
For confi guring time, date and other settings
While the crown is pulled out, rotating it more than one
full turn either way will cause the hands or Day indicator
to start to move at high speed. High-speed movement
will continue even if you release the crown.
1 second
1 second
2 seconds
Congratulations upon your selection of this CASIO watch.
Note that the product illustrations in this manual are intended for reference only, and so
the actual product may appear somewhat different than depicted by an illustration.
Note that CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. assumes no responsibility for any
damage or loss suffered by you or any third party arising through the use of this
product or its malfunction.
Hand Functions
z Hour Hand
x Second Hand
c Minute Hand
v Day Indicator
This User's Guide uses numbers shown above to identify watch hands and indicators.
The operational procedures for Modules 5196, 5252 and 5301 are identical. All of
the illustrations in this manual show Module 5196.
The module number is engraved on the back cover of the watch case.
The A button is designed to protect against accidental pressing.
Use a thin pointed object to press the depression of the button to
operate it.
In the illustrations in this manual, the A button is emphasized for
ease of understanding.
Crown Operations
The crown can be pulled out to one of two (click) positions. Never apply undue force
when pulling out the crown.
When pulling out the crown, avoid using undue force, which creates the risk of
personal injury to your fi ngers and fi ngernails, and of watch malfunction.
First click
For selecting the location setting
High-speed Cancel
Leaving the crown pulled out for more than two minutes without performing any
operation will automatically cause the setting operation to become disabled. If this
happens, press the crown back in and then pull it out again to confi gure settings.
High-speed movement can be used when setting the current time (page E-36) and
when performing home position adjustment (page E-44).
The watch is charged. For details about charging, see "Charging the Watch"
(page E-14).
Go to step 2.
Battery is starting to go low.
Battery is low.
Rotate the crown in the reverse direction of the
movement or press the A button.


Table of Contents

  Summary of Contents for Casio 5196

  • Page 1 Day Indicator This User’s Guide uses numbers shown above to identify watch hands and indicators. The operational procedures for Modules 5196, 5252 and 5301 are identical. All of the illustrations in this manual show Module 5196. The module number is engraved on the back cover of the watch case.
  • Page 2: Charging The Watch

    Operation Guide 5196/5252/5301 2. Check the current location settings. 3. Set the current time. Use the procedure under “Confi guring Time and Date Settings” (page E-32) to To set the time using a time calibration signal confi gure your location settings.
  • Page 3: Charging Times

    Operation Guide 5196/5252/5301 Charging Times Power Saving A Power Saving feature causes the watch to enter a sleep state automatically Level Change *2 Daily whenever it is left for a certain period in an area where it is dark. Exposure Level (Brightness)
  • Page 4: Location Setting

    Operation Guide 5196/5252/5301 To check the result of the latest receive operation Radio-controlled Atomic Timekeeping Precautions Strong electrostatic charge can result in the wrong time setting. Press The x Second Hand will indicate the result of the last Even if a receive operation is successful, certain conditions can cause the time setting to be off by up to one second.
  • Page 5: Adjusting The Home Positions

    Operation Guide 5196/5252/5301 Rotate the crown to move the Rotate the crown to move the x Second Hand to the month x Second Hand to the year tens you want. digit setting you want. After the setting is the way you After the tens digit setting is the want, press A.
  • Page 6: Specifications

    Operation Guide 5196/5252/5301 ■ The hands and/or day indications are off. ■ The x Second Hand indicates N (NO) when I check the result of the latest receive operation. This could indicate that the watch has been exposed to magnetism or strong impact, which has caused problems with proper hand and day alignment.

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