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Zanussi ZHM 773 Instruction Booklet

Built-under oven
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ZHM 773



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  Summary of Contents for Zanussi ZHM 773

  • Page 2: For Your Safety

    • Under no circumstances should you attempt to repair the appliance yourself. Repairs carried out by unexperienced persons may cause injury or serious malfunctioning. Refer to your local Zanussi Service Centre. Always insist on genuine Zanussi spare parts. • Ensure the oven pilot lamp is off when the oven OVEN DOOR PROTECTION DEVICE is not in use.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents 1. The Control Panel ......Page 62 6. Cooking Tables ......Page 70 2. Oven controls and 7. Cleaning and Mainteinance ..Page 72 Electronic Programmer ....Page 63 8. What happens if something How to Select a Cooking Function . Page 64 goes wrong ........
  • Page 4: Oven Controls And Electronic Programmer

    2. Oven Controls and Electronic Programmer COOKING FUNCTION TEMPERATURE TIME DISPLAY DISPLAY PROGRAMMING CONTROLS 1. ON / OFF NOTE In the event of a power failure, the programmer will keep 2. Oven Function Control all the settings (time of day, program setting or program 3.
  • Page 5: How To Select A Cooking Function

    HOW TO SELECT A COOKING FUNCTION — Set the oven on by pressing button 1 — Press button 2 to select the required oven function. Each time button 2 is depressed, a pilot light will come on to the left of the currently selected function symbol.
  • Page 6: Fast Heat Up Function

    "FAST HEAT UP" FUNCTION After a cooking function has been selected and the temperature has been adjusted, the cavity will gradually heat up until the selected temperature is reached. This will take from 10 to 15 minutes, depending on selected function and temperature.
  • Page 7: When The Oven Is First Installed

    3. When the oven is first installed Once the oven has been installed : — the numbers on the display will flash and indicate "12.00". If no button is pressed in 10 seconds, the numbers will stop flashing and the clock will start running from 12.00.
  • Page 8: Programming

    4. Programming HOW TO SET THE MINUTE MINDER — Press button 7 to select the Minute Minder Function. The Minute Minder pilot light will flash and the control panel will display 0.00. — Press button 5 or 6 to select the required time. Maximum time is 19 hours 59 minutes.
  • Page 9 HOW TO MAKE THE OVEN SWITCH ON AND OFF AUTOMATICALLY — Carry out the cooking duration setting as described in the relevant chapter. — Press button 9. The "End of Cooking" function will be selected, and the relevant pilot lamp will flash. The control panel will display the end of cooking time (that is, the actual time + cooking duration).
  • Page 10: Using The Oven

    If this happens, call your local Zanussi Service Centre. Under no circumstances should When food is heated, it produces steam in the you attempt to repair the appliance yourself.
  • Page 11: Cooking Tables

    6. Cooking Tables TRADITIONAL COOKING AND FAN DUCTED COOKING Cooking Weight Traditional Cooking Fan Oven time NOTES TYPE OF DISH (gr.) temp. Level Level temp. minutes MEAT 1000 Beef 50 ~ 70 On grid 1200 Pork 100 ~ 130 On grid 1000 Veal 90 ~ 120...
  • Page 12 BAKING FUNCTION Cooking Baking function time TYPE OF DISH temp. Level minutes CAKES Whipped up kneading 2 (1 and 3)* 45 ~ 60 Leavened kneading 2 (1 and 3)* 20 ~ 35 Shortbread dough 2 (1 and 3)* 20 ~ 30 Butter-milk cheese cake 60 ~ 80 Apple cake...
  • Page 13: Cleaning And Maintenance

    7. Cleaning and Maintenance General Cleaning • Before cleaning, always allow the oven to cool down. • When using spray cleaning products, be careful not to spread them on the heating elements or on the thermostat sensor. • Never use harsh abrasives, steel wool or cleaners with bleach, as they could damage the enamel and the oven door glass.
  • Page 14 • If the gasket shows to be damaged, call you local Zanussi Service Centre. Do not use the oven until it has been repaired. The Hinged Grill This model has been fitted with a hinged grill element, to enable you to clean the roof of the oven easily.
  • Page 15: What Happens If Something Goes Wrong

    The oven light does not come on Press button 1 to switch on the oven Buy a new oven light bulb, asking for it to your local Zanussi Service Centre and replace it by following the instruction provided in this booklet.
  • Page 16: Technical Assistance And Spare Parts

    If after the checks listed in the previous chapter, the appliance still does not work correctly, contact your locals Zanussi Service Centre, specifying the type of malfunctioning, the appliance model (Mod.), the product number (Prod. No.) and the serial number (Ser.
  • Page 17: Technical Data

    230 V following E.E.C. Directives: 73/23 - 90/683 (Low Voltage Directive); 89/336 (Electromagnetical Compatibility MANUFACTURER: Directive); ELECTROLUX ZANUSSI S.p.A. 93/68 (General Directives) Viale Bologna, 298 and subsequent modifications. 47100 FORLÌ (Italie) THIS APPLIANCE CAN BE COMBINED WITH THE FOLLOWING HOB MODELS...
  • Page 18: Installation

    12. To the attention of the installer The following instructions are meant to a qualified technician, in order to allow him carry out the installation in compliance with the rules in force. The building-in and the electrical connection fo the appliance must be carried out by a qualified and authorized technician only.
  • Page 19: Securing The Oven

    UNDERTOP BUILDING IN Figures 13 and 14 show two possible solutions. In Fig. 13 the appliance leans on two wood supports which are fixed to the side of the furniture unit. In Fig. 14 the appliance leans on two “C” shaped or “L” shaped metal supports, which the furniture unit feet can eventually be fixed to.
  • Page 20: Electrical Connection

    13. Electrical connection ELECTRICAL CONNECTION WITH THE HOB Before the appliance is connected: 1) check that the main fuse and the domestic installation This oven can be connected to hobs indicated on can support the load; page 76. The socket for connecting the hob is located 2) check that the power supply is properly earthed in at the top of the oven cabinet.

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