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Zanussi ZHN 721 Operating Instructions Manual

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ZHN 721



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  Summary of Contents for Zanussi ZHN 721

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    ENGLISH Madam, Congratulations on having chosen a quality product from our company. This appliance is very easy to use. Nonetheless, in order to obtain the maximum profit from your new appliance, we suggest you spend a few minutes reading this brochure. You will find the correct indications for installation, use and mainteinance.
  • Page 3: Warnings And Important Advice

    • Some parts of the appliance are covered by a shock- malfunctioning. Refer to your local Zanussi Service Centre. Always insist on genuine Zanussi spare proof plastic film. Remove this film before using the parts.
  • Page 4: Using The Oven

    Oven Function and Control Light Thermostat Control rear left hotplate front right hotplate Knob ZHN 721 Oven Control Light OVEN FUNCTION AND THERMOSTAT CONTROL KNOB (FIG. 1) Oven Light - The oven light will be on without any cooking function...
  • Page 5: When The Oven Is First Installed

    If this happens, call your local Zanussi Service Centre. Under no circumstances should you attempt to repair the appliance yourself. HOTPLATE CONTROL KNOBS The Control Knobs for the hotplates (Fig.
  • Page 6: Cooking With The Multifunction Oven

    COOKING WITH THE MULTIFUNCTION OVEN CONVENTIONAL COOKING Turn the oven function control knob clockwise and set it on the required temperature. If you need more heat from the bottom or from the top, turn the oven function control knob to (top heating element only) or (bottom heating element only).
  • Page 7: Cooking Tables

    COOKING TABLES TRADITIONAL COOKING Cooking Traditional Cooking WEIGHT time NOTES TYPE OF DISH (GR.) temp. Level minutes Cakes Whipped up kneading 45 ~ 60 Leavened kneading 20 ~ 35 Shortbread dough 20 ~ 30 Butter-milk cheese cake 60 ~ 80 Apple cake 40 ~ 60 Strudel...
  • Page 8: Cleaning And Maintenance

    The Oven Cavity • If the gasket shows to be damaged, call you local Zanussi Service Centre. Do not use the oven until it The enamelled oven cavity is best cleaned whilst the has been repaired. oven is still warm. It is advisable to wipe the oven over with a soft cloth soaked in warm soapy water after each use.
  • Page 9: If Something Goes Wrong

    The oven light does not come on Turn the oven function control knob on a function Buy a new oven light bulb, asking for it to your local Zanussi Service Centre and replace it by following the instruction provided in this booklet.
  • Page 10 GUARANTEE - SPARE PARTS (only for BENELUX) Extension of the guarantee When calling for repairs during the period of guarantee ofthe appliance, the original invoice or receipt must be shown or 7 For motorcompressors of refrigerators/ freezers (excluding sent together with the appliance to be repaired. the starting device and thermal interrupter) a decreasing guarantee of 20% per year for a period of five years from General conditions of guarantee...
  • Page 11: Technical Data

    This appliance complies with the following E.E.C. Directives: 73/23 - 90/683 (Low Voltage Directive); 89/336 (Electromagnetical Compatibility MANUFACTURER: Directive); ELECTROLUX ZANUSSI ELETTRODOMESTICI S.p.A. 93/68 (General Directives) Viale Bologna, 298 and subsequent modifications. 47100 FORLÌ (Italie) THIS APPLIANCE CAN BE COMBINED WITH THE FOLLOWING HOB MODELS :...
  • Page 12: To The Attention Of The Installer

    TO THE ATTENTION OF THE INSTALLER The following instructions are meant to a qualified technician, in order to allow him carry out the installation in compliance with the rules in force. The building-in and the electrical connection fo the appliance must be carried out by a qualified and authorized technician only.
  • Page 13: Securing The Oven To The Cabinet

    UNDERTOP BUILDING IN Figures 10 and 11 show two possible solutions. In Fig. 10 the appliance leans on two wood supports which are fixed to the side of the furniture unit. In Fig. 11 the appliance leans on two “C” shaped or “L” shaped metal supports, which the furniture unit feet can eventually be fixed to.
  • Page 14: Electrical Connection

    ELECTRICAL CONNECTION ELECTRICAL CONNECTION WITH THE HOB Before the appliance is connected: 1) check that the main fuse and the domestic installation This oven can be connected to hobs indicated on can support the load; page 51. The socket for connecting the hob is located 2) check that the power supply is properly earthed in at the top of the oven cabinet.