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Care And Maintenance - JVC RD-T70BU Instructions Manual

Cd portable system
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Care And Maintenance

Handle your CDs carefully, and they will last a long time.
Compact Discs
Only CDs bearing these marks can be played
with this Unit.
Continued use of irregularly shaped CDs
(heart-shape, octagonal, etc.) can damage the
Remove the CD from its case by holding it at
the edges while pressing the case's center hole
Do not touch the shiny surface of the CD, or
bend the CD.
Put the CD back in its case after use to prevent
Be careful not to scratch the surface of the CD
when placing it back in the case.
Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, temperature
extremes, and moisture.
A dirty CD may not play correctly. If a CD is
dirty, wipe it with a soft cloth in a straight line
from center to edge.
CAUTION: Do not use any solvent (for example,
conventional record cleaner, spray thinner, ben-
zine, etc.) to clean a CD.
Moisture Condensation
Moisture may condense on the lens inside the Unit in the following
After turning on heating in the room.
In a damp room.
If the Unit is brought directly from a cold to a warm place.
Should this occur, the Unit may malfunction. If this happens, leave
it turned on for a few hours until the moisture evaporates, unplug the
AC power cord, and then plug it in again.
General Notes
To ensure top performance, keep your CDs and the mechanism clean.
Store CDs in their cases, and keep them in cabinets or on
Keep the CD cover closed when not in use.



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