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Using Batteries - JVC RD-T70BU Instructions Manual

Cd portable system
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For private listening
Connect a pair of headphones to the PHONES jack. No sound
comes out of the speakers.
Be sure to turn down the volume before connecting or putting on
Reinforcing the Bass Sound
(AHB PRO) [RD-T70BU Only]
You can reinforce the bass sound to maintain rich, full bass at low
To get the effect, press the AHB (Active Hyper Bass) PRO button.
The "BASS" indicator lights up on the display.
To cancel the effect, press the button again.
The "BASS" indicator goes out.
Tone Control (BASS/TREBLE)
You can control the tone by changing the bass and treble.
1. Press the BASS/TREBLE button until "BASS"
or "TREBLE" appears on the display.
Each time you press the button, the display changes as follows:
BASS = TREBLE = original display = (back to the beginning)
2. Turn the Jog dial on the Unit or press the
VOLUME +/– button on the Remote Control
to adjust the level.
The bass or treble level changes between –6 and +6. (0: Flat)
To exit the tone control mode, press the BASS/TREBLE but-
ton until the original display appears, or wait for 15 seconds.
To forcibly reset the bass and treble levels to 0 (FLAT),
press the BASS/TREBLE button for 2 seconds or more.
Showing the Time (CLOCK/
While listening to a CD or the radio, you can see the current time.
To display the clock, press the CLOCK/DISPLAY button on the
To return to the original display, press the same button until
the original display appears.
Note: You need to set the clock first in order for it to work. (See
"Setting the Clock" on page 9.)
Adjusting the Brightness
(DIMMER) [RD-T70BU Only]
When operated on AC power ———
You can switch the brightness of the display's backlighting (full
light and dimmed light). In addition, the dimmed backlighting
brightness can be changed in 16 steps.
When the Unit is turned on:
Each time you press the SNOOZE/DIMMER button, the backlight
fully turns on or dims.
When the Unit is turned off (Standby):
Each time you press the SNOOZE/DIMMER button, the backlight
dims or turns off.
When the Sleep Timer is on:
You can also dim or turn off the backlight with the SNOOZE/DIM-
MER button.
Adjusting the dimmer level:
(On the Unit only)
With the Unit turned on, press and hold the DIMMER button
on the Unit until "DIMMER:XX" appears on the display.
Turn the Jog dial and adjust the dimmer level between 1 and 16.
Press the DIMMER button.
When operated on batteries ————
When the Unit is turned on, you can turn on the backlighting of the
display for a few seconds.
Each time you press the SNOOZE/DIMMER button, the backlight
turns on for a few seconds.

Using Batteries

Power Batteries (6 pcs.):
You can operate the System on batteries. When the batteries are
exhausted, "NO BATT" will appear on the display. In this case, re-
place with the new batteries.
Memory Backup Batteries (3 pcs.):
Your settings such as the preset stations, clock and timer are backed
up with this batteries.
If memory backup batteries are exhausted or not
installed, and the AC power cord is disconnected
or there is a power failure, the settings you have
made will be erased from memory in approx. half
a day.



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