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6. Turn the Jog dial to select the source.
The source name changes as follows:
7. Press the TIMER1/2 button and select a
source item you want.
When the source is CD:
1. Turn the Jog dial to select either "TRACK NO" (for
Normal Play) or "RANDOM" (for Random Play).
2. Press the TIMER1/2 button.
When "TRACK NO" is selected, "TRACK- 1" blinks.
Go to steps 3 and 4.
When "RANDOM" is selected, the current volume lev-
el blinks. Go to step
(When "TRACK- 1" blinks.)
3. Turn the Jog dial to select another track, if you want.
4. Press the TIMER1/2 button.
The current volume level blinks. Go to step
When the source is TUNER:
1. Turn the Jog dial to select FM AUTO, FM MONO, or
2. Press the TIMER1/2 button.
The preset number blinks. (e.g. "P-1")
3. Turn the Jog dial to select the preset number you want
to listen to.
4. Press the TIMER1/2 button.
The current volume level blinks. Go to step
When the source is MELODY:
The current melody number (1 - 8) blinks and the melody is
1. Turn the Jog dial to select one of melodies.
2. Press the TIMER1/2 button.
The current volume level blinks. Go to step
8. Turn the Jog dial to set the volume level.
The volume level changes between "MIN (0)" and "MAX
9. Press the TIMER1/2 button.
The TIMER1/2 is set and the Timer 1/2 indicator
TIMER1/2) remains lit.
10. Prepare the music source according to the
source set in step 6.
CD: Load a CD.
TUNER/MELODY:No preparation is necessary.
If no CD is loaded with the CD source selected, the MEL-
ODY 1 will be activated instead of a CD.
11. Turn off the Unit (Standby mode).
When the set time comes —————
When the set time comes, the Unit automatically turn on and plays
the source. During this time, the Timer 1/2 indicator (
blinks. The timer will automatically turn off in 1 hour. In case that the
source is CD, the Unit automatically turns off when playing back all
the tracks is finished.
To temporarily cancel the timer, press the TIMER 1/2 but-
ton once or change the volume with the VOLUME control
on the Unit or the VOLUME +/- button on the Remote
Control. Then the Timer 1/2 indicator (
remains lit. (When the source is CD or TUNER, pressing
any button on the Unit cancels the timer.)
Timer 1/2)
TIMER 1/2)
To cancel the timer, press the TIMER1/2 button to turn off the
Timer 1/2 indicator (
To reactivate the timer, repeatedly press the TIMER1/2 button
until the Timer 1/2 indicator (
To confirm the timer settings, repeatedly press the TIMER1/2
To change the timer settings, repeat the setting procedure
from the beginning.
The timer works even if the Unit is turned on. So, while listening to
a CD or radio, you can use the timer to know the set time. For ex-
ample, if you are listening to the radio, you can set the timer so that
the melody will be played at the set time, instead of the radio. In this
case, the playback sound slowly fades in.
5-Minute Snoozing (SNOOZE)
When the Timer 1/2 turns on, if you wish, you can activate 5-minute
snoozing function to temporarily stop playing source.
While the timer is activating, press the
SNOOZE button.
The Unit turns off for 5-minute for snoozing. (The Timer 1/2 blinks.)
• Pressing and holding the SNOOZE button for more than 2 seconds
cancels the timer.
• The maximum number of times to repeat snoozing is limited to 10.
• Snooze function does not work when the other timer is used.

Setting the SLEEP Timer

Use the Sleep Timer to turn the Unit off after a certain number of
minutes when it is playing. By setting the Sleep Timer, you can fall
asleep to music and know that your Unit will turn off by itself rather
than play all night.
You can only set the Sleep Timer when the Unit is on and a
source is playing.
1. Play back a CD or tune in to a desired sta-
2. Press the SLEEP button.
The "SLEEP" indicator blinks.
3. Set the length of time you want the source
to play before shutting off.
Each time you press the SLEEP button, it changes the num-
ber of minutes shown on the display in this sequence:
the beginning)
The "SLEEP" indicator will stop blinking after 5 seconds and re-
mains on (The backlight dims.). Then, the display returns to the one
before you set the Sleep Timer.
The Unit is now set to turn off after the number of minutes you have
To Confirm the Sleep Time
Press the SLEEP button once. The remaining sleep time is dis-
played, and after 5 seconds, the original display returns.
To Cancel the SLEEP Timer Setting
Press the SLEEP button until the "SLEEP" indicator goes off on the
display. Turning off the Unit also cancels the SLEEP Timer.
TIMER1/2) remains lit again.
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