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Additional Information; Troubleshooting - Sony RM-LJ304 Operating Instructions Manual

Remote commander
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If you experience any of the following difficulties while
using the remote, use this troubleshooting guide to help
you remedy the problem. Should any problem persist,
consult your nearest Sony dealer.
The remote does not function.
, Point the remote at the remote sensor
, Remove any obstacles in the path between the
remote and the receiver.
, Replace all the batteries in the remote with new
ones, if they are weak.
/ If the receiver's COMMAND MODE and the
remote's COMMAND MODE do not match,
transmission is not possible between the remote
and the receiver.
, Make sure you select the correct function on the
, When you operate a programmed non-Sony
component, the remote may not function properly
depending on the model and the make of the
The component names appearing in the function
list do not correspond to the jacks on the
receiver./The sound field list does not appear.
, The remote has not been initialized. Turn on the
receiver, point the remote at the receiver, and press
the SOUND FIELD, FUNCTION, or SUB button on
the remote (see page 3).
The SOUND FIELD button does not work.
, If the receiver has the 5.1CH (/DVD) INPUT jacks,
the SOUND FIELD button becomes inoperable
whenever you select the component connected to
these jacks.
E appears in the display window of the remote.
, The batteries are running out. Replace all the
batteries with new ones.
The function names that appear in the display
windows of the receiver and the remote are
, Select the correct function using the remote.
When the CD player, tape deck, or MD deck is
connected to the receiver via CONTROL A1/A1
jacks, Auto Function does not work properly.
, Reprogram the remote (see page 16).
"5.1CH" cannot be selected from the function list
even though the receiver has 5.1CH (/DVD) INPUT
, A communication error has occurred. Point the
remote towards the receiver and select "5.1CH"
from the function list again.
on the

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