Intensive Drying; Changing The Programme - Siemens Dishwasher Instructions For Use Manual

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Programming the timer
You can delay the start of a programme in
increments of one hour for up to 19 hours.
Switch dishwasher ON.
Immediately press the TIMER button
. The numerical display
changes to
Press the TIMER button as many times
as necessary until the numerical display
shows the required delay.
To erase the time delay setting, keep
pressing the TIMER button until
appears in the numerical display.
You can change your programme
selection as often as you like during the
intervening period before the dish-
washer starts up.
Time-remaining indicator
The time-remaining indicator is
self-learning. When the programme
begins, it displays the estimated duration
of that programme. This figure is based
upon the duration of the previous
programme, or if the dishwasher is being
used for the first time, the duration of the
programme used for testing the appliance
in the factory. While the programme is
running, the indicator shows the amount of
time before the programme ends. The time
remaining is also adjusted to account for
the temperature of the water supply and
the number of dishes.

Intensive drying

If the "Intensive drying" function is
activated, the temperature of the final rinse
is increased in all programmes and you
will therefore receive an improved drying
result. (Note the higher temperature may
not be suitable for fragile utensils.)
Hold down the programme button A
and switch on the main switch.
Release both buttons.
The digital display
To change the setting, press the
programme button A .
Switch off the main switch
the setting is stored.
Cancel programme (Reset)
Only when the master switch is ON.
Press the A and C buttons
simultaneously, and hold them pressed
for approx. 3 seconds.
The numerical display shows
Close the door.
The programme continues for approx.
1 min.
When it has ended, set the main switch
Close the detergent compartment
To restart the dishwasher, set main switch
to ON again and select desired

Changing the programme

It is possible to change the programme
within 2 minutes after you have switched
the dishwasher on.
Should it be necessary to change the
programme after this period, the
programme cycle that has already been
begun (e.g. washing) will be completed
first of all.
The new remaining time displayed is the
sum of the remaining time from the
preceding programme cycle and the
remaining time attributable to the new
programme that has been selected.
to OFF.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents