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Information and Communication mobile
Haidenauplatz 1
D-81667 Munich
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  • Page 1 Be inspired Issued by Information and Communication mobile Haidenauplatz 1 D-81667 Munich © Siemens AG 2003 All rights reserved. Subject to availability. Rights of modification reserved. Siemens Aktiengesellschaft MC60...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Surf & fun ......... 35 Index ......... 72 Internet browser (WAP) ..35 Games & more ....... 36 Setup ........37 This is a summarised version of the operating instructions. The detailed version is available on the Internet at:
  • Page 3: Safety Precautions

    Keep at least 20cm between phone and Only use original Siemens pacemaker. When using the batteries (100% mercury-free) mobile phone hold it to the ear and -charging devices.
  • Page 4 The phone may cause interference in the vicinity of TV sets, radios and PCs. Use only Siemens original accessories. This will avoid potential risks to health or property and ensure compliance with all relevant regulations.
  • Page 5: Phone Overview

    Phone overview Phone overview Call key Displayed/selected phone number /name displayed, take calls. Show last phone numbers dialled in standby mode. On/Off/End key • Switched off: hold down to switch on. • During a conversation or in an application: ª g press briefly to finish.
  • Page 6 Phone overview Integrated antenna Do not obstruct the phone above the battery cover unnecessarily. This reduces the signal quality. Loudspeaker Display ª g Service provider 01.10.2003 10:10 NewMMS Menu Input keys Camera Hold down in standby mode: Start camera function (p. 27). Ringtone •...
  • Page 7: Display Symbols

    Display symbols Display symbols Activated and available. « Registered. Display symbols (selection) ª Temporarily interrupted. Signal strength. GPRS download. Charging. © WAP online. Battery charge level, e.g. 50%. Ê WAP via GPRS online. Phonebook Ë è WAP no network. Records Ì...
  • Page 8: Getting Started

    Getting started Getting started The front and back covers of the casing as well as the keypad can be changed in a matter of seconds - no tools required. Please switch the phone off first: Assembling Dismantling Note Your phone is supplied with a protective file applied to the display and the display cover of the front shell.
  • Page 9 Getting started Insert SIM card/battery • Insert the battery sideways into the phone , then press The service provider supplies you downwards until it engages. with a SIM card on which all the important data for your line is stored. If the SIM card has been delivered in credit-card size, snap the smaller segment out and remove any rough edges.
  • Page 10: Charge Battery

    Getting started Charge battery Charge icon not visible If the battery has been discharged The battery is not fully charged fully the charge icon is not when delivered. Plug charger cable immediately visible when the power into the bottom of the phone, plug supply unit is plugged in.
  • Page 11: Switch On, Off / Pin Entry

    Switch on, off / PIN entry Switch on, off / PIN entry Switch on/off Switching on your phone for the first time Hold down On/Off/End key. Time/date Enter PIN Set the clock to the right time once The SIM card can be protected with a at start-up.
  • Page 12: General Instructions

    General instructions General instructions User guide Menu controls The following symbols are used to The steps needed to reach a function explain operation: are shown in a condensed form in this user guide. Enter numbers or letters. For example, To display call list for missed calls in On/Off/End key.
  • Page 13: Standard Functions

    Standard functions Standard functions Highlighting mode With some applications (e.g. Option menus Phonebook) one or more entries in a list can be highlighted to perform Menu functions are made available multiple functions at once. in options menus. A selection of §Options§...
  • Page 14: Security

    Security Security Change PIN2 (Display only if PIN2 is available). ¢ m ¢ Security §Menu§ Proceed as with Change PIN. ¢ Select a function Chg.phonecode The phone and SIM card are (Change phone code) protected against misuse by several You define the phone code security codes.
  • Page 15: Calling

    Calling Calling Redial To redial numbers that were dialled Dialling with number keys previously: Press the Call key once. The phone must be switched on (standby mode). Pick out the required Enter number phone number from the (always with area list, then to dial ...
  • Page 16: Accept Call

    Calling Accept call Handsfree The phone must be switched on You can put the phone down during (standby mode). An incoming call a call. You can then hear the caller will interrupt any other use of the via the loudspeaker. phone.
  • Page 17: Swapping Calls

    Calling Swapping calls Conference • You can call another number • Call up to 5 parties and link them during a call. together in a conference call. When a call is established: Open call menu §y menu§ Open menu and select §y menu§...
  • Page 18: Call Menu

    Calling Call menu Babysitter The following functions are only If this is active, only one number can available during a call: be dialled. Open menu. y menu§ Switch on Hold (p. 16) ¢ m ¢ Security §Menu§ ¢ Babysitter Microphone on If the microphone is switched off the person Press.
  • Page 19: Text Entry

    Text entry Text entry Press once/repeatedly: . , ? ! ’ " 0 - ( ) @ / : _ Hold down: Writes 0. Text entry without T9 Writes blank. Press twice Press number key repeatedly until = jumps a line. the required letter appears.
  • Page 20: Text Entry With T9

    Text entry Text entry with T9 Write a word using T9 Since the display changes as you "T9" deduces the correct word from proceed, the individual key entries by making comparisons with an extensive it is best if you finish a word without dictionary.
  • Page 21 Text entry again. Repeat until the Additional information correct word is displayed. » Set a full stop. A word is If the word you want is not in the concluded if it is followed by a dictionary, it can also be written space.
  • Page 22: Text Modules

    Text entry Text modules Correct a word Words written with T9: Text modules can be stored in the phone for adding to your messages Move left or right, word (SMS, MMS). by word, until the required word is Write text modules §highlighted§.
  • Page 23: Phonebook

    Phonebook Phonebook Name: Enter first and/or last names. Enter frequently used phone E-Mail: numbers in the Phonebook with a Enter e-mail address for MMS (up to special name. If a phone number is 50 addresses). stored with a name, it appears on the display when you are called.
  • Page 24: Assign Picture

    Phonebook Call (search for an entry) Phonebook options The following functions are Open Phonebook. available, depending on the current situation. Special functions: Select a name with the §Options§ Open menu. first letter and/or scroll. Number is dialled. Voicedialling Record or change voice dialling for an entry.
  • Page 25: Voicedialling

    Phonebook <Special books> Voicedialling Open Phonebook (in You can dial numbers by voice standby mode). command. Up to 20 voice recordings can be saved in the <Special books> phone for voice dialling or voice Select commands (not on SIM card). <Own numbers>...
  • Page 26: Groups

    Phonebook Groups Change group name Select and enter a new §Rename§ Eight groups are specified in your name. phone to enable you to arrange your Phonebook entries clearly. You can Additional information rename these. group: Contains all Phonebook entries Open Phonebook (in that do not belong to a group (name cannot standby mode).
  • Page 27: Records, Durat/charges

    Records, Durat/charges Records, Durat/charges Records Durat/charges Your phone stores the phone You can display the charges and the numbers of calls for convenient duration of calls and set a unit limit redialling. for outgoing calls. ¢ Z ¢ ¢ §Menu§ §Menu§...
  • Page 28: Camera

    Camera Camera A shot (especially at high resolution) requires a few seconds to be processed and saved. Photos you have taken with the integrated camera may be viewed, Setting the brightness. saved, • used as wallpaper, startup and Press to take a photo. shutdown animation and screensaver, and As the shot is taken, you...
  • Page 29: Photo Album

    Camera §Options§ Open menu. White Automatic, Indoor, balance Outdoor Send MMS Send photo as MMS Set with: (p. 32). Info Displays help text Send to Save the photo in the Album personal album your Photo album service provider makes available for you on the Internet.
  • Page 30: Voicemail/cb Services

    Voicemail/CB services Voicemail/CB services ¢ ] ¢ ¢ m ¢ Setup Phone setup §Menu§ §Menu§ ¢ ¢ Voice message Divert ¢ ¢ e. g., Unanswered Most service providers offer you an external answering service. A caller Dial divert number and register it at may leave a voice message for you in the network with §OK§.
  • Page 31: Sms

    Text options Open text menu §Options§ You can transmit and receive very long messages (up to 760 characters) on your phone. They are Save Save composed text in automatically composed of several draft list. "normal" SMS messages (note higher Picture&sound Add pictures, charges).
  • Page 32: Special Functions

    Receive/read SMS Special functions Open menu. §Options§ Arrival of new SMS … announced on display SMS to group To read the SMS press the You can send an SMS message as a left control key. "circular" to a recipient group. Scroll through message Select.
  • Page 33: Mms

    Additional information You can also easily send an image by MMS The Multimedia Messaging Service immediately after taking it with the camera enables you to send texts, pictures (p. 27) (also photos) and sounds in a Press again. Write Text: §Edit§...
  • Page 34 Receive/read MMS Attach extra pages Open menu. §Options§ Indicates Û í Recept/notification of an New slide Select. Press the left control key to read the Attach business card MMS or notification. Open menu. §Options§ Depending on the setting, (p. 34) Extras Select.
  • Page 35: Message Lists/settings

    Additional information is available in Draft the comprehensive operating instructions on the Internet at: ¢ ] ¢ ¢ §Menu§ Draft MMS/SMS The list of stored drafts is displayed. Unsent ¢ ] ¢ §Menu§ Unsent ¢ MMS/SMS The list of MMS messages not yet...
  • Page 36: Surf & Fun

    Surf & fun Surf & fun Additional information Browser menu. Í Offline / Online. Internet browser (WAP) É Ê GPRS Online. Get the latest information from the Ë No network. Internet that is specifically adapted Ì Select special characters, to the display options of your phone. such as @, ~, , see p.
  • Page 37: Games & More

    Java™-enabled mobile phone. to download it. Then you can use the Siemens excludes all warranty and liability claims application. Applications and games in respect of or in connection with any can be found at:
  • Page 38: Setup

    Setup Setup Car Kit If a Siemens original Car Kit is used the profile is activated automatically Profiles as soon as the phone is inserted into the cradle (p. 44). Several settings can be stored in a phone profile in order, for example,...
  • Page 39: Own Greeting

    Language any key. Other screensavers: Set the language of the display text. ‘Automatic’ will set the language of your home service provider. Start up anim. To return to this language in standby...
  • Page 40: Ringer Setting

    Please make sure you have accepted the call before holding the phone to your ear. This will avoid damage to your hearing from loud ringtones. Ring tones Set the ringtones for call types/functions separately or record a new ringtone. Additional ringtones:
  • Page 41: Phone Setup

    Setup Keys Phone setup ¢ m ¢ ¢ m ¢ §Menu§ Keys §Menu§ Phone setup ¢ ¢ Select function. Select function. Any to answer Call waiting Incoming calls can be accepted by If you are registered for this service, pressing any key you can check whether it is set and you can activate/deactivate it (see (except for...
  • Page 42: File System

    Setup Fact. settings Enter the phone number to which the caller will be Reset phone to default values diverted (if not already (factory setting). entered). File system Confirm. After a short §OK§ pause, the setting is Format the file system (p. 51) confirmed by the (Format) and delete (not Phonebook)
  • Page 43: Show Clock

    Current settings ¢ m ¢ Connectivity §Menu§ for each service provider may be ¢ Select a function. found in the Internet under GPRS customercare in the FAQ section. Switch GPRS function §Yes§ §No§ on/off. Select profile.
  • Page 44 Setup Fax/data mod. Only ‚ Restrict calls to SIM-protected Rec fax/data numbers in the Phonebook. The call will be signalled by a special ringtone (fax or data). Now start the Last 10 only communication program in your PC to receive the fax/data. Restrict calls to the list of ‘dialled numbers (p.
  • Page 45: Network Info

    Setup Network User group Depending on service provider, you ¢ m ¢ §Menu§ Network can create groups with this service. ¢ Select function These can have access to internal (company) information, for Line example, or special tariffs apply. To select/bar a telephone number, Please check with your service two independent telephone numbers provider for details.
  • Page 46: Organiser

    Organiser Organiser Memo. Text input for description Call. Calendar Enter phone number. ¢ ç ¢ §Menu§ Calendar Shown with alarm. You can enter appointments in the Meeting. calendar. Time and date must be set Text input for description for the calendar to work correctly Birthday (p.
  • Page 47: Notes

    Organiser Notes Reoccurrence: Select a timeframe for repeating the T9 support (p. 19) makes writing appointment: No, Daily, Weekly, short notes such as shopping lists Monthly, Annual. easier. Save confidential notes with Enter a parameter for repeating: the phone code (p. 13). Please note (number) Forever, Until, Occurrences...
  • Page 48: Extras

    Extras Extras Calculator functions §.§=§+§-§*§/§ Press right control key ¢ y ¢ Select function. §Menu§ repeatedly. ± Toggle between "+" and "-". Note Convert to percentage. Depending on your service provider, the Extras menu may also include Internet Save/retrieve number. Ï...
  • Page 49: Stopwatch

    Extras Stopwatch Voice command ¢ y ¢ ¢ y ¢ §Menu§ Stopwatch §Menu§ Voice command Two intermediate times can be Functions can be started by a voice recorded and saved. command. Up to 20 voice recordings can be saved in the phone for voice Start/stop.
  • Page 50: New Ringtone

    Extras New ringtone SIM services (optional) ¢ y ¢ ¢ y ¢ §Menu§ New ringtone §Menu§ SIM services You can use the phone’s microphone Your service provider may offer to record tones and sounds and then special applications such as mobile use these as ringtones (see also banking, share prices, etc.
  • Page 51: Fast Access Key/my Menu

    Fast access key/My menu Fast access key/My menu Control key (left) Apply (example) Hold key down. Assign a function/phone number to this key. With some service My menu providers, this key takes you directly to their Internet portal. Press. §Menu§ Press.
  • Page 52: Filesystem

    File system File system Index structure The file system assigns special To organise your files, you can use folders to different data types. the file system like a PC file manager. The file system assigns special Colour Colour schemes *.col folders to different data types.
  • Page 53: Questions & Answers

    Questions & Answers Questions & Answers If you have any questions on the use of your phone, you can contact us at around the clock. As further help we have listed below some frequently asked questions and answers. Problem...
  • Page 54 Questions & Answers Problem Possible causes Possible solution No network Weak signal. Move higher, to a window or an open space. connection. Outside GSM range. Check service provider's coverage area. Invalid SIM card. Complain to the service provider. New network not authorised. Try manual selection or select a different network (p.
  • Page 55 If the PUK (MASTER PIN) has been lost, please contact your service provider. Phone code Three wrong entries. Contact Siemens Service (p. 55). error. Service provider No authorisation for this service. Contact your service provider.
  • Page 56: Customer Care

    (to display, press # 0 6 #, Macedonia .......... 02 13 14 84 then info) and if available, your Siemens Malaysia........+ 6 03 77 12 43 04 Service customer number. Malta ........+ 35 32 14 94 06 32...
  • Page 57 Customer Care Mexico ........01 80 07 11 00 03 Morocco ..........22 66 92 09 Netherlands .........0 90 03 33 31 00 New Zealand........08 00 27 43 63 Nigeria ..........0 14 50 05 00 Norway..........22 70 84 00 Oman ............79 10 12 Pakistan ..........02 15 66 22 00 Paraguay ..........8 00 10 20 04 Philippines ........0 27 57 11 18...
  • Page 58: Care And Maintenance

    Care and maintenance Care and • Do not use harsh chemicals, cleaning solvents, or strong maintenance detergents to clean the phone! The suggestions given above apply 'Your phone has been designed and equally to your phone, battery, manufactured to the highest of charger and all accessories.
  • Page 59: Product Data

    You will need the following details if you lose your phone or SIM card: Declaration of conformity the number of the SIM card (on the card): Siemens Information and .............. Communication mobile hereby 15-digit serial number of the phone declares that the phone described in...
  • Page 60: Battery Quality Statement

    After six months, if the battery is clearly suffering from loss of performance, we recommend that you replace it. Please buy only Siemens original batteries.
  • Page 61: Guarantee Certificate (uk)

    • This Guarantee shall apply to new devices purchased in the European Union. icate (UK) For Products sold in the United Kingdom the Guarantee is issued by Siemens plc, Siemens House, Oldbury, Bracknell, Without prejudice to any claim the user (cus- Berkshire, RG12 8FZ.
  • Page 62: Guarantee Certificate (irl)

    Guarantee de- manufacturing and/or material faults within fault becoming evident. 24 months of purchase, Siemens shall, at • Ownership of devices or components re- its own option and free of charge, either re- placed by and returned to Siemens shall place the device with another device re- vest in Siemens.
  • Page 63: Menu Tree

    Menu tree Menu tree > <New entry> Phonebook è > <Special books> <OwnNumbers> <Service numb.> <Info numbers> <SIM phonebook> <Protected SIM> Groups <Mobile> > Internet (see also p. 67) Surf & fun É Games & more File system Ñ > Calendar Organiser ç...
  • Page 64 Menu tree > > Unsent Messages > Sent SMS archive Text modules > Setup Voice message > CB services Receive CB Read new CB Topic list Auto display Topic index > Calls missed CB languages Records Calls received Calls dialled Erase records >...
  • Page 65 Menu tree Camera • > Profiles Setup > Display Language > Text input T9 preferred Wallpaper Input language Logo Colour scheme > Screensaver Enable Start up anim. Style Shutdn anim. Bitmap Own greeting Preview Big letters Timeout Illumination Security Contrast Auto key lock >...
  • Page 66 Menu tree > > > Audio Ring tones End melody Setup Call screening Key tones Minute beep Info tones > Keys Any to answer Auto key lock Key tones > Phone setup Call waiting Hide ID > Divert All calls Unanswered Not reachable No reply...
  • Page 67 Menu tree > > Connectivity GPRS info Setup Authentication > Data services MMS, WAP HTTP HTTP profile > Fax/data mod. Send vce/fax Voice/fax rec Rec fax/data > > Security Codes PIN control Babysitter Change PIN ‚ Change PIN2 Only Last 10 only Chg.phonecode This SIM only >...
  • Page 68 Menu tree > > > Accessories Car Kit Auto answer Setup Auto off Car loudspk. > Headset Auto answer Note on Surf & fun Depending on your service provider, you may have direct access to its portal instead of the Surf &...
  • Page 69: Sar - European Union (rtte)

    European not indicate the need for any special internal market. precautions for use of mobile phones. 3 averaged over 10 g body tissue. Further information:, 4 International Commission on Non-, Ionizing Radiation Protection
  • Page 70 The highest SAR value for this model phone when tested for compliance against the norm is 0.67 W/kg The SAR information can also be found on the Siemens web site at While there may be differences between the SAR levels of various phones and at...
  • Page 71: Sar - International (icnirp)

    0.67 W/kg organisations through periodic and SAR information can also be found at thorough evaluation of scientific While there studies . The limits include a sub- may be differences between the SAR levels of various phones and at...
  • Page 72 SAR - International (ICNIRP) various positions, they all meet the international guidelines for safe RF exposure. Further information:,,
  • Page 73: Index

    Index Index Call back ........14 Call divert ......40, 65 Call transfer ........ 17 Call waiting......... 16 Agenda ........45 Calls dialled (call list)....26 Alarm Calls received (call list) ....26 Alarm clock......47 Camera........48 Appointment ......45 Car Kit.........
  • Page 74 Index Factory settings ......41 Mailbox ........29 Fast access ......... 50 Maintenance of phone ....57 File system ......... 51 Menu speed dialling....13 Filter .......... 39 Menu tree........62 Forwarding (call) ......17 Message Frequency (band) ....... 44 MMS ........
  • Page 75 Index Preventing accidental activation . 13 Silent alert ........39 Product data....... 58 SIM card Profiles Clear barring ......13 HTTP........42 Insert ........8 Phone........37 Problems......... 52 SMS/MMS ....... 34 SIM services (optional) ....49 WAP ........35 Prompt ........
  • Page 76 Index Voice command......48 Voice dialling......24 Voice message (mailbox) .... 29 Volume Handset volume...... 14 Profiles ........37 Ringer........39 Wallpaper........38 WAP ........... 35...

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