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Safety Instructions - Siemens Dishwasher Instructions For Use Manual

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Safety instructions

Immediately check the packaging and
dishwasher for any damage which may
have been caused in transit. Do not use
a damaged appliance, but consult your
Please dispose of packaging material
The corrugated cardboard consists
mainly of waste paper.
The polystyrene moulded parts have
been foamed without any CFCs.
The polyethylene film (PE) consists
partly of secondary raw material.
The wooden frames (if fitted) are made
of residual wood and are untreated.
The hoops (if fitted) consist of
polypropylene (PP).
Install and connect the appliance
according to the installation and
assembly instructions.
The dishwasher must NOT be
connected to the power supply during
Ensure that the protective conductor
system of the domestic electricity
supply has been installed correctly.
Electrical connection conditions must
correspond with the specifications on
the rating plate of the dishwasher.
Built-under and built-in appliances
should always be installed under a
continuous work surface which is
attached to the adjacent cupboards, in
order to ensure that the appliance is
entirely stable.
After the appliance has been installed,
the mains plug should still be easily
During normal use
Knives and other utensils with sharp points
must be loaded in the basket with their
points down or in a horizontal position.
Use the dishwasher solely in a
domestic environment and for its
designated purpose: washing
household tableware and other utensils.
Do not place any heavy objects or
stand on the door when it is open. The
appliance could tip forward.
The water inside the dishwasher is not
suitable for drinking.
Do not use solvents of any kind inside
your dishwasher. They could cause an
Open the door very carefully if the
dishwasher is operating. There is a risk
of water squirting out.
If your family includes children
Do not permit small children to play with
or operate the dishwasher.
Keep children away from detergents
and rinse-aids.
Keep small children away from the
open door of the dishwasher. There
could still be some detergent left inside.
If a fault occurs
Repairs or other work on the
dishwasher should only be carried out
by a qualified specialist.
The dishwasher must be disconnected
from the electricity supply before any
repairs or other work are started. Pull
the mains plug out of the wall socket or
switch off at the fuse box. Grasp the
plug to remove it from the socket; do
not tug on the cable. Turn the water off
at the tap.

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Table of Contents