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Nokia HH-20 User Manual

Nokia HH-20 User Manual

Mobile phone holder easy mount


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Nokia Holder Easy Mount HH-20
and CR-122
Issue 2.0



Summary of Contents for Nokia HH-20

  • Page 1 Nokia Holder Easy Mount HH-20 and CR-122 Issue 2.0...
  • Page 4: General Safety Instructions

    Nokia Corporation. Nokia, Nokia Connecting People and the Nokia Original Accessories logo are Introduction The Nokia Holder Easy Mount HH-20 Read this guide carefully before is a mounting device that allows you installing and using the product. to attach your compatible mobile This product may contain small parts.
  • Page 5 ENGLISH Make sure the mounting device or Never leave the mounting device mobile holder is not installed where inside the car in direct sunlight or in you might come in contact with it in excessive heat. The mounting device the event of an accident or collision. and suction cup may be damaged and adhesion may be impaired if the inside Periodically check that the suction cup...
  • Page 6 ENGLISH and clean the surface thoroughly with mounting device clockwise (1D) to a glass cleaner and a clean towel. If create a vacuum between the suction the ambient temperature is below cup and the windscreen. Check that +15°C (60°F), carefully warm the the mounting device is firmly surface and the suction cup with a attached (1E).
  • Page 7 ENGLISH protective sheet from the pad, do not Attach the holder to the touch the adhesive side. mounting device Press the suction cup of the mounting To attach the mobile holder to the device against the pad (2B). mounting device, insert the catch on the mounting device into the slot at Turn the catch on the mounting device the back of the holder (2E).
  • Page 8: Take Care Of Your Device

    ENGLISH To remove the device, slide the switch holder with your thumb, and pull the to the right, press the back of the device out from the holder. Take care of your device Handle your device with care. The • Only use a soft, clean, dry cloth to following suggestions help you protect clean the surface of the device.

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