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Switching The Screensaver On And Off; Modifying The Display Brightness; Sending An Image From The Nokia Image Frame - Nokia SU-4 User Manual

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Rotating images:
You can rotate the images both in the edit mode and when you are viewing the
When the image you want to rotate is displayed, press
to rotate the image 90
clockwise. The Nokia Image Frame stores the orientation of the image, and the
next time the Nokia Image Frame displays the image, it uses the new orientation.

■ Switching the screensaver on and off

You can activate the screensaver, if you want to turn off the display without
turning off the device. Press and hold
to activate the screensaver.
You can turn the display back on by pressing any control key.
The Nokia Image Frame activates the screensaver automatically if no keys have
been pressed for 18 hours.

■ Modifying the display brightness

When the power is switched on, you can modify the brightness of the display by
pressing briefly
. There are five brightness levels, and each time you press
the level is raised by one. When the highest brightness level is used and you press
, the Nokia Image Frame returns to the lowest brightness level.

■ Sending an image from the Nokia Image Frame

When the power is switched on, select the image you want to send on the display
of the Nokia Image Frame.
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