Switching The Screensaver On And Off - Nokia SU-7 User Manual

Nokia digital photo frame user manual
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Marking the images for viewing:
1. Slide the three position switch to
2. Press briefly
3. If you want to be able to view an image, mark it by pressing briefly
while the image is displayed. The Nokia Image Frame displays
icon for all marked images. If you want to unmark an image,
press briefly
When the Nokia Image Frame receives new images, it automatically
marks them. If you do not want to view the new images, unmark
them as explained above.
Rotating images:
You can rotate the images both in the edit mode and when you are
viewing the images.
When the image you want to rotate is displayed, press
image 90
clockwise. The Nokia Image Frame stores the orientation of
the image, and the next time the Nokia Image Frame displays the image,
it uses the new orientation.
I Switching the screensaver on and off
You can activate the screensaver, if you want to turn off the display
without turning off the device. Press and hold
screensaver. If there are unchecked MMS images in the Nokia Image
Frame, the
icon continues to be displayed even when the
screensaver is activated. If a new MMS image is downloaded while the
screensaver is on, the
You can turn the display back on by pressing any control key.
The Nokia Image Frame activates the screensaver automatically if no
keys have been pressed for 18 hours.
U s i n g t h e N o k i a I m a g e F r a m e
to scroll the images.
while the marked image is displayed.
icon appears on the screen.
to rotate the
to activate the

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents