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Pioneer DEH-3050MP Operation Manual: Audio Adjustments; Using Balance Adjustment; Using The Equalizer; Adjusting Equalizer Curves

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Operating this unit
! When playing back VBR (variable bit rate)-re-
corded WMA files, the average bit rate value is
! When playing back VBR (variable bit rate)-re-
corded MP3 files, VBR is displayed instead of
bit rate value.
! Depending on the version of iTunes
write MP3 files onto a disc, comment informa-
tion may not be correctly displayed.
— iTunes is a trademark of Apple Inc., regis-
tered in the U.S. and other countries.
! The sampling frequency shown in the display
may be abbreviated.

Audio Adjustments

Using balance adjustment
Fader/balance setting creates an ideal listen-
ing environment in all occupied seats.
Press AUDIO to select FAD.
Press a or b to adjust front/rear speak-
er balance.
FAD F15 to FAD R15 is displayed.
# FAD 0 is the proper setting when only two
speakers are used.
Press c or d to adjust left/right speaker
BAL L15 to BAL R15 is displayed.
# To return to the normal display, press BAND.
Using the equalizer
There are six stored equalizer settings such as
FLAT and POWERFUL that can easily be re-
called at any time.
! CUSTOM is an adjusted equalizer curve
that you create.
! When FLAT is selected no supplement or
correction is made to the sound.
% Press EQ to select the equalizer.
Press EQ repeatedly to switch between the fol-
lowing equalizers:
Adjusting equalizer curves
You can adjust the currently selected equalizer
curve setting as desired. Adjusted equalizer
used to
curve settings are memorized in CUSTOM.
Adjusting bass/mid/treble
You can adjust the bass/mid/treble level.
Press AUDIO to select BASS/MID/
Press a or b to adjust the level.
+6 to –6 is displayed as the level is increased
or decreased.
# To return to the normal display, press BAND.
Adjusting loudness
Loudness compensates for deficiencies in the
low- and high-sound ranges at low volume.
Press AUDIO to select LOUD.
Press a or b to turn loudness on or off.
# You can also turn loudness on or off by press-
ing LOUD.
Press c or d to select a desired level.
LOW (low)—HI (high)
# To return to the normal display, press BAND.
Adjusting source levels
SLA (source level adjustment) lets you adjust
the volume level of each source to prevent ra-
dical changes in volume when switching be-
tween sources.
! Settings are based on the FM volume level,
which remains unchanged.
! The AM volume level can also be adjusted
with source level adjustments.
Compare the FM volume level with the
level of the source you wish to adjust.


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