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Pioneer DEH-3050MP Operation Manual: Additional Information; Error Messages; Additional Information Error Messages; Handling Guideline Of Discs And Player

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Additional Information

Error messages

When you contact your dealer or your nearest
Pioneer Service Center, be sure to record the
error message.
ERROR-11, 12,
Dirty disc
17, 30
ERROR-11, 12,
Scratched disc
17, 30
ERROR-10, 11,
Electrical or me-
12, 15, 17, 30,
The inserted disc
does not contain
any data
ERROR-22, 23
The CD format
cannot be played
The inserted disc
does not contain
any files that can
be played back
All the files on
the inserted disc
are secured by
The inserted disc
contains WMA
files that are pro-
tected by DRM
Handling guideline of discs
and player
! Use only discs featuring either of following
two logos.
Clean disc.
Replace disc.
Switch the ignition
key, or switch to a
different source,
then back to the
CD player.
Replace disc.
Replace disc.
Replace disc.
Replace disc.
Replace disc.
! Use only conventional, fully circular discs.
Do not use shaped discs.
! Use 12-cm or 8-cm CD. Do not use an
adapter when playing 8-cm CDs.
! Do not insert anything other than a CD into
the CD loading slot.
! Do not use cracked, chipped, warped, or
otherwise damaged discs as they may da-
mage the player.
! Unfinalized CD-R/CD-RW disc playback is
not possible.
! Do not touch the recorded surface of the
! Store discs in their cases when not in use.
! Avoid leaving discs in excessively hot envir-
onments including under direct sunlight.
! Do not attach labels, write on or apply che-
micals to the surface of the discs.
! To clean a CD, wipe the disc with a soft
cloth outward from the center.
! Condensation may temporarily impair the
player's performance. Leave it to adjust to
the warmer temperature for about one
hour. Also, wipe any dump discs with a soft
! Playback of discs may not be possible be-
cause of disc characteristics, disc format,
recorded application, playback environ-
ment, storage conditions and so on.
! Text information may not be correctly dis-
played depending on the recorded environ-
! Road shocks may interrupt disc playback.
! Read the precautions with discs before
using them.

Dual Discs

! Dual Discs are two-sided discs that have a
recordable CD for audio on one side and a
recordable DVD for video on the other.



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