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Pioneer DEH-3050MP Operation Manual: Repeating Play; Playing Tracks In Random Order; Scanning Tracks Or Folders

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Operating this unit
# You can eject a CD (CD-ROM) by pressing
Press a or b to select a folder when
playing a compressed audio.
# You cannot select a folder that does not have
a compressed audio file recorded in it.
# To return to folder 01 (ROOT), press and hold
BAND. However, if folder 01 (ROOT) contains no
files, playback commences with folder 02.
To perform fast forward or reverse,
press and hold c or d.
# If you select ROUGH, pressing and holding c
or d enables you to search every 10 tracks in the
current disc (folder). (Refer to Searching every 10
tracks in the current disc or folder on the next
To skip back or forward to another
track, press c or d.
! Read the precautions with discs and player on
page 13.
! If an error message such as ERROR-11 is dis-
played, refer to Error messages on page 13.
! There is sometimes a delay between starting
up disc playback and the sound being issued.
When being read, FRMTREAD is displayed.
! When playing CD-EXTRA or MIXED-MODE
CDs, compressed audio and CD-DA can be
switched by pressing BAND.
! If you have switched between compressed
audio and CD-DA, playback starts at the first
track on the disc.
! The built-in CD player can play back com-
pressed audio recorded on CD-ROM. (Refer to
page 14 for files that can be played back.)
! When playing back VBR (variable bit rate) re-
corded files, elapsed play time may not be dis-
played correctly.
! When playing compressed audio, there is no
sound on fast forward or reverse.

Repeating play

Repeat play plays the same track/folder within
the selected repeat play range.
Press FUNCTION to select RPT.
Press c or d to select the repeat range.
DSC – Repeat all tracks
TRK – Repeat just the current track
FLD – Repeat the current folder
# If you select another folder during repeat play,
the repeat play range changes to disc repeat.
# When playing CD, performing track search or
fast forward/reverse cancels the repeat play auto-
# When playing compressed audio, performing
track search or fast forward/reverse during TRK
(track repeat) changes the repeat play range to
folder repeat.
# When FLD (folder repeat) is selected, it is not
possible to play back a subfolder of that folder.
# To return to the normal display, press BAND.

Playing tracks in random order

Tracks in a selected repeat range are played in
random order.
Select the repeat range.
Refer to Repeating play on this page.
Press FUNCTION to select RDM.
Press a or b to turn random play on or
When random play is on, RDM appears in the
If you turn random play on during folder re-
peat, FRDM appears in the display.
# To return to the normal display, press BAND.

Scanning tracks or folders

Scan play searches the song within the se-
lected repeat range.
Select the repeat range.
Refer to Repeating play on this page.



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