Maintenance And Care; Children - Silvercrest DPF-710A User Manual And Service Information

7" digital photo frame
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Digital Photo Frame DPF-710A

Maintenance and Care

Servicing is required when this device has been damaged in any way, for
example, when the power adapter or housing is damaged, when liquid or
objects have entered the device, when the product has been exposed to
rain or moisture, when the product does not work normally or if the product
has been dropped. If you notice any smoke, unusual noise or strange
smells, switch off the device immediately and pull the mains cable from the
power supply. In this case the device should not be used further and should
be inspected by authorized service personnel. Please contact qualified
personnel when servicing is needed. Never open the housing of the device,
or the power adapter. If the housing is opened, your life is in danger due to
electric shock. Only use a clean, dry cloth for cleaning. Never use any
abrasive liquids. Do not attempt to open the housing of the device otherwise
you will void your warranty.


Electrical appliances do not belong in the hands of children! Do not allow
children to play with electrical devices when not under supervision. Children
may not be able to comprehend the presence of potential risks. Small parts
can represent choking hazards. Keep the packaging away from children to
avoid the danger of suffocation.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents