Getting Started; Mounting; Wall-Mounting; Pedestal Mounting - Silvercrest DPF-710A User Manual And Service Information

7" digital photo frame
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Getting Started



If you wish to mount the digital photo frame onto the wall, use the wall
mounting holes (9) on the back panel of the device to orientate the photo
frame either horizontally or vertically. Use one screw for vertical or two
screws for horizontal mounting with a head diameter of max. 5 mm in order
to support the photo frame weight safely. Please bear in mind that a suitable
wall outlet should be located near the wall mount location.

Pedestal Mounting

In order to place the digital photo frame onto a table you will need to attach
Please note that the digital photo frame does not detect whether the
pictures have been recorded in portrait (vertical) or landscape
(horizontal) format. It might be necessary to optimise the picture by
using a suitable image-editing programme on a computer.
Digital Photo Frame DPF-710A
the supplied pedestal (D) onto the back
panel of the device. Insert the pedestal
into the hole (8) and turn it 90 degrees
clockwise until it clicks into place. The
asymmetrical shape of the pedestal
makes it impossible to mount it in inverted
direction. Once the pedestal is attached
you can choose whether to place it
horizontally or vertically on the table.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents