Starting The Picture Playback - Silvercrest DPF-710A User Manual And Service Information

7" digital photo frame
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Starting the Picture Playback

Open the memory card menu by selecting the left icon ( ) and press the
Enter (5) button. The type of the inserted memory card will be highlighted.
Press the Enter (5) button again to show an overview of the available
In this overview, the following features are available:
Enter (5)
Press and hold Enter
(5) for 2 seconds
Menu (6)
Press and hold Menu
(6) for 2 seconds
right (3), left (4),
down (2), up (1)
Digital Photo Frame DPF-710A
Shows the current picture continuously. Press
Menu (6) to go back to the overview.
Starts the sequential picture playback from the
current picture. Press Menu (6) to stop playback.
Press the menu button (6) again to return to the
Closes the overview menu.
Two menu options will appear: The left icon, a
trash can, lets you delete the current picture from
the memory card. The right icon opens the
Preferences (for more information, read from
page 16 – Preferences).
Press the navigation buttons to select a picture.
The current picture will be highlighted with a
yellow border.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents