Important Safety Instructions; Operating Environment - Silvercrest DPF-710A User Manual And Service Information

7" digital photo frame
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Thank you for choosing a SilverCrest product.
This digital photo frame allows you to play pictures stored on a digital
camera memory card as well as display the integrated calendar. The
package includes a pedestal that can be used optionally and the possibility
for wall-mounting provides maximum flexibility for this photo frame.

Important Safety Instructions

Before you use this device for the first time, please read the following notes
in this manual and heed all warnings, even if you are familiar with handling
electronic devices. Keep this manual in a safe place for future reference. If
you sell or pass this device on to another person, it is imperative that you
also hand over this manual.

Operating Environment

Position the device on a stable, even surface and do not place any objects
on the device. The device is not for use in environments with a high
temperature or humidity (e.g. bathrooms), and must be kept free of dust.
Operating temperature and humidity: 5 °C to 35 °C, max. 85 % RH.
Always make sure that
there is free circulation of air (do not place the device on shelves, on a
thick carpet, on a bed, or anywhere that obstructs the ventilation slots,
and leave at least 10cm clearance on all sides);
no direct heat sources (e.g. heating) can affect the device;
no direct sunlight or bright artificial light reaches the device;
contact with spray and dripping water and abrasive liquids is avoided
and the device is never operated near water, and it must especially
never be immersed (do no place any objects filled with liquids such as
vases or drinks near the device);
the device is never placed in the immediate vicinity of magnetic fields
(e.g. loudspeakers);
no fire sources (e.g. burning candles) are placed on or near the device;
no foreign bodies are introduced into the device;
Digital Photo Frame DPF-710A


Table of Contents

Table of Contents