Notes For Picture Editing - Silvercrest DPF-710A User Manual And Service Information

7" digital photo frame
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Digital Photo Frame DPF-710A
LCD Power
Display Setting
Default Setting

Notes for Picture Editing

If you have taken a picture in portrait format (vertical) with your digital
camera but the photo frame has been installed horizontally, you must rotate
the picture to match the display. Most of the digital cameras already offer
this function. Please read the User's Manual of your digital camera to find
out if this feature is available. Otherwise use a suitable image-editing
programme on your computer to rotate the pictures.
Enables the screen saver after 15, 30 or 60 minutes
or disables the screen saver (Off). With the screen
saver enabled the screen's backlight will be turned
off after the preset time. This applies both to the
picture playback as well as to the clock and
calendar display. Press any button to display the
contents again.
Press the buttons up (1) and down (2) to select
between Brightness and Contrast and set the
desired values by pressing right (3) and left (4).
Restores all changed settings to the factory-default
Shows information about the software of the device.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents