Power Supply; Cables - Silvercrest DPF-710A User Manual And Service Information

7" digital photo frame
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Digital Photo Frame DPF-710A
the device is not subject to any great temperature changes as this may
cause moisture through condensation and short-circuit;
the device is not subject to excessive shocks and vibrations;

Power supply

Use only the supplied power adapter model Targa KSUFB0500100W1EU to
avoid overheating, deformation of housing, fire, electric shock, explosions
and other dangers. Never connect this power adapter to other devices.
Warning! Notice on Mains Separation:
In order to completely disconnect the device from the mains, the power
adapter must be pulled out from the wall outlet. For this reason, the device
should be positioned in a way that assures unobstructed access to the
power outlet so that the power adapter can be immediately pulled out in an
emergency situation. To avoid the danger of fire if the power adapter is not
going to be used for a long while (e.g. during holidays), it should always be
disconnected from the power socket. Before stormy weather when there is
the danger of lightning, disconnect the device from the power supply.


Always hold all cables by the plug and never pull on the cable itself. Never
hold the power adapter with wet hands as this may cause a short circuit or
electric shock. Never place the device, heavy objects or furniture on the
cable and take care that the cord does not become trapped, especially at
the plug and sockets. Never make knots in the cable and do not tie it
together with other cords. All cables should be positioned so that nobody
can trip over them or be obstructed by them. A damaged power adapter can
cause a fire or an electric shock. Inspect the power adapter from time to
time. Never use adapter plugs or extension cables that do not comply with
the current safety regulations in your country, and do not modify any of the
power adapter or cables yourself.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents