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Philips MF-JET 500 User Manual

Philips printer
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  • Page 1 PHILIPS...
  • Page 2: Document Feeder

    Description of MF-JET 500 (for machine with automatic document feeder) paper tray paper feeder document tray automatic document feeder scanner cover control panel paper exit tray Description of MF-JET 440 (for machine without automatic document feeder) paper tray paper feeder...
  • Page 3: Overview Of Functions

    Overview of functions M to select functions OK confi rm C return to pre- selection vious menu; to delete K colour copy / choose between op- Z scan tions, move the cursor on the display X stop, return w help to stand-by mode K black-and-white copy...
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Contents Scan to PC ......21 Inserting a document..........21 Scanning a document .........22 Safety instructions....5 SMS..........23 Installation .......6 Send SMS .............23 Receiving an SMS ..........23 Unpacking .............6 Set-up ..............6 Advanced settings ....24 Loading paper............6 Settings list ............24 Connections ............7 Fax settings............24 Additional devices..........7 SMS settings............24 Power supply............8...
  • Page 5: Safety Instructions

    Safety In a thunderstorm, disconnect the MF-JET from both the mains and the telephone line. If you are unable to disconnect the MF-JET, avoid instructions using the fax machine or the telephone during the storm. There is a risk of electric shock from lightning and risk of damage to the machine.
  • Page 6: Installation

    Installation Set-up Please read all warning notices and instructions and follow them precisely. Unpacking 1 Insert the paper tray in the slots provided be- hind the paper feed mechanism. Unpack the box and check that it includes the following: telephone cable mains cable power supply ink cartridges and...
  • Page 7: Connections

    In the UK v Do not load paper while the MF-JET is printing! 1 To prevent several sheets being drawn into the machine at once, fi rst fan out the paper to separate the sheets and then straighten the stack on a fl at surface before inserting it into the paper feed.
  • Page 8: Power Supply

    Country selection Same socket (not in all countries) 1 Press OK. You can connect additional devices to the same 2 Use / to choose your country. telephone socket. Make sure the fax machine is 3 Press OK twice. the fi rst device connected to the line. Inserting cartridges Before you can print documents, there have to be ink cartridges in your MF-JET.
  • Page 9: Cartridge Alignment

    Cartridge alignment 4 Insert the black cartridge “nose” down in the right-hand compartment of the cartridge 1 After inserting the cartridges for the fi rst time, holder. the machine will print out a page to check 5 Insert the colour cartridge in the same way their alignment.
  • Page 10 Windows ® Logo testing, choose “Continue Anyway”. Your multifunctional device has 5 Select a product by clicking on relevant but- been tested for PHILIPS and is fully com- ton. patible with Windows ® Example: Installing “Photo Impression”: 1 Insert the installation CD in the CD-ROM drive.
  • Page 11 The program offers you a default directory 6 To fi nd out more about “Paper Port” and where “Photo Impression” will be installed. “Photo Impression”, click on the “View user You can choose a different directory. guides” button in the start window and select the relevant product.
  • Page 12 If you want to delete specifi c products, click on “Advanced”. You can choose “Repair” or “Remove”. Fol- low the instructions on the screen. v Click on “Menu” at any time to return to the start window.
  • Page 13: Settings

    Settings v Take the longest internal number and add a further digit (e.g. if internal numbers are You can print out a list of the current parameter four digits long, enter 5). settings by pressing M, 54 and OK. To return 3 Press the key you need to reach an outside to stand-by mode, press X as often as necessary.
  • Page 14: Directory

    Directory Modify 1 Press M, 13 and OK. Your MF-JET lets you create a directory by mem- 2 The directory appears in alphabetic order. orising single entries and lists of entries. Use / to select the entry or list you wish to Your machine can store up to 200 entries with modify.
  • Page 15 You can edit lists in the register window named “List”.
  • Page 16: Fax

    5 If you want to send just one page, use / to With the MF-JET 440 you can send faxes from choose DONE and press OK. If you want to the fl atbed scanner. MF-JET 500 also offers au- scan further pages, choose NEXT PAGE and tomatic document feed.
  • Page 17: Directory

    Directory } Contrast O 1 Insert a document. If the document is too light or too dark, you may change the contrast. Press O as many times as 2 Press } and use /, on the fax ma- necessary to choose the desired contrast. The chine to select name and number or use the current setting is shown on the display.
  • Page 18: Send Report

    1 Place the document on the fl atbed scanner or, 1 Press M, 231 and OK. Select one of the in the case of the MF-JET 500, also in the following options: document feeder. WITH—a report is given when the transmission 2 Press M, 33 and OK.
  • Page 19: Copy

    (up to 10 pages on 60–100 g/m² pa- per). With the MF-JET 440 you can copy documents with the fl atbed scanner. MF-JET 500 also offers automatic document feed. Flatbed scanner 1 Open the fl atbed scanner cover. Please make sure that the scanner glass is clean before placing the original.
  • Page 20 4 The copying quality of the MF-JET is higher 8 You can adjust the saturation. Colour satu- than the resolutions used for fax transmission. ration is judged in proportion to brightness. Use / or f%F to choose the resolu- Use / to change the setting. - is more tion: grey, + is more saturated.
  • Page 21: Scan To Pc

    (up to 10 pages on 60–100 g/m² pa- per). With the MF-JET 440 you can scan documents with the fl atbed scanner. MF-JET 500 also offers automatic document feed. Flatbed scanner 1 Open the fl atbed scanner cover. Please make sure that the scanner glass is clean before placing the original.
  • Page 22: Scanning A Document

    Scanning a document Variant 2 Click on the symbol “One Touch”, located bot- There are three ways to scan a document via PC: tom right of the screen, to access more docu- ment-processing possibilities. Variant 1 Press Z (on the fax machine) to open the scan window on the PC.
  • Page 23: Sms

    Redial L The last ten numbers dialled on the MF-JET will be stored in the redial memory. (not available in all countries) 1 Press W twice and type your message. You can send and receive SMS (Short Message Service) messages with your fax machine. Your 2 Press W.
  • Page 24: Advanced Settings

    Advanced SMS settings When you select your country when setting up settings the MF-JET, the parameters for SMS emission and reception will be pre-set. If these settings do not work or if you want to use another provider, you will need to change these settings. Your SMS Settings list service provider will provide the numbers you need.
  • Page 25: Scan Settings

    Scan settings Flat-bed scanning M, 271, OK—Resolution M, 272, OK—Zooming M, 273, OK—Origin M, 274, OK—Contrast M, 275, OK—Saturation Saturation is the colour judged in proportion to its brightness: closer to - is greyer, + has greater saturation. M, 276, OK—RGB All colours can be defi...
  • Page 26: Hints & Tips

    Change cartridges close the machine. The display will indicate if one of the cartridges is empty. Please use only original PHILIPS ink cartridges! 1 Open the machine by pulling the lever under the control panel. The machine doesn’t print If your MF-JET doesn’t print correctly, the rea- son might be that the protective strips were not removed completely from the printing cartridge.
  • Page 27 2 The position of the cartridge holder will show 6 Insert the cartridge with the “nose” down into the cartridge holder - the colour cartridge you which cartridge needs to be replaced. The left and the black cartridge right. arrows point to the cartridge that is empty. 7 Close the cartridge holder.
  • Page 28: Cartridge Capacity

    Cancelling a transmission v The display tells you if either of the car- Press M, 63 and OK. Use / to select the tridges (black or colour) is empty. When document in the waiting queue and confi rm with changing a cartridge, check that you are inserting the correct “Plug’n’Print”...
  • Page 29: Care And Maintenance

    Cleaning the scanner glass v After each operation, the machine locks (for machine without automatic document automatically. feeder) To unlock the keyboard, enter FREE in 1 Open the scanner. point 3. Care and maintenance Cleaning the machine Use a soft, fl uff-free cloth. You can also use a special cloth for cleaning fax machines (see De- livery Service).
  • Page 30 If the printing quality is still not satisfactory, you need to clean the cartridges manually: 1 Open the machine, release the cartridges from their holder (see Change cartridges) and clean the contacts (A) with a dry, fl uff-free cloth. v Never touch the nozzles and contacts with your fi...
  • Page 31: Appendix

    Appendix 34 FAX ANSW............ 17 Set fax memory reception 35 MANUAL CALL .......... 26 Functions list Start fax transmission manually SMS Service Press M, 51 and OK to print a function list. 41 SEND SMS ............ 23 Directory Send an SMS message 11 ADD NAME..........
  • Page 32: Technical Settings

    Others PC connection 71 LOCK ............. 28 Connection type USB slave 1.1 Limit the access to the machine Operating systems Windows ® 98/2000/ ME/XP 72 PRINT. CARTR..........29 Clean, align and exchange cartridges Scanner driver TWAIN/WIA 73 CART CAPACITY ........28 Scanner Check the capacity of the ink cartridges Type...
  • Page 33: Guarantee

    At the beginning of April 2002, SAGEM SA ess and instructions for use; or bought the PHILIPS fax business unit. SAGEM · an external cause to the equipment (including SA is now the European Number 1 in fax and but not limited to, lightening, fi...
  • Page 34 · problems related to access and/or connection to the Internet such as interruptions by access networks or malfunction of the line used by the subscriber or his correspondent · transmission faults (for example poor geo- graphical coverage by radio transmitters, in- terference or poor line quality) ·...
  • Page 35: Index

    Index scan 22 stripes 26 document feeder 2 OCR-software 22 document tray 2 Symbole One Touch (symbol) 22 technical data 32 ordering information 26 technical service 26 exit tray 2 technical settings 32 telephone cable 6 PABX 13 text input 3 additional devices 7 panel 2 time and date 9...
  • Page 36 (DoC) about the corresponding recycling demands of your SAGEM Communication Hereby, country. Austria GmbH, declares that this PHILIPS MFP 440 or MFP 500 is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC. E-mail:

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