Philips CRYSTAL 650 - NETWORK Network Installation Manual

Networking basics & crystal printer network installation guidelines
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  • Page 1 Networking Basics & Crystal Printer Network Installation Guidelines...
  • Page 2 1. Overview This guide is intended to provide the necessary basic knowledge of wireless networking needed to enable the Crys- tal printer to work with wireless LAN (WLAN). The document is based on the assumption that the reader has a Crystal printer at his premises and has read the user manual.
  • Page 3: Network Addresses

    3. Definitions This sections describes the terms a user might come across during the set-up of a wireless network. 3.1 Network Addresses Network adapters and personal computers have to be uniquely identifiable in order to be accessible in a network. Therefore each device uses a combination of the MAC address and the IP address to identify itself in a network.
  • Page 4: Dhcp (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)

    3.5 DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) DHCP is a protocol that enables network devices to automatically retrieve an IP address from a DHCP server. A DHCP server knows a pool of IP addresses that he can assign to the network devices that request an IP address. 3.6 Subnet Mask The subnet mask is a bit mask which defines how much of an IP address belongs to the private subnetwork and what belongs to the host network.
  • Page 5 4. Installation of a Crystal Network Printer 4.1 What is needed to install the Crystal Network Printer? To use your Crystal printer as a wireless network printer, you need to have the following items: • PC connected to wireless network either via access point (infrastructure topology) or via WLAN adapter (ad-hoc topology) •...
  • Page 6 Menu 915 Next you have to set the connection mode in to either AUTOMATIC (DHCP) or MANUAL. In an ad-hoc network there will most likely be no DHCP server, therefore normally you will set this parameter to MANUAL. This will prompt you to enter an IP address and a subnet mask. Enter the IP address you want your Crystal printer to have.
  • Page 7 4.5.3 Infrastructure Set-up If you choose INFRASTRUCTURE mode you will be asked to set the authentication mode of the network. The possible choices are NONE, OPEN, SHARED and BOTH. NONE means that there is no encrypted authentication and data is transmitted without encryption. OPEN activates encryption of data and still works with unencrypted authentication.
  • Page 8 4.6 Installation of the Crystal Printer as a network printer To add your Crystal printer as a network printer to the system, move to Start > Programs >Companion Suite > Companion Suite IH > Add or Remove a device. In the new dialog choose “Install a network printer”.
  • Page 9 This will open the Network Printer Configuration dialog which will show you all the Crystal network printers the application could find on the network. Normally there should only be one but if there are more than one printer in the list you can find the correct one by comparing the MAC address indicated on the screen to the one listed on the USB WLAN adapter.
  • Page 10: Troubleshooting

    5. Troubleshooting 5.1 General Information 5.1.1 Print Network Report Menu 95 A summary of the network settings can be printed out with the help of . On this reports the user can find out which networking components are enabled and which networking modes are set. 5.1.2 Restore factory default WLAN settings If it is necessary to restore the default settings of the wireless network configuration, the user can do so by using Menu 919...
  • Page 11 This will open the Crystal Network Configuration dialog. This dialog will scan for available network printers and show them in a list. Make sure that the network printer with the new IP address is listed. If it is not, press the Refresh button to initiate another network scan.
  • Page 12 5.3 Simultaneous connection of USB and LAN It is possible to have the Crystal printer connected to your PCs via USB and LAN simultaneously. However the same printer will be installed as two printers on your system: once as a USB printer and once as a network printer. If you start print jobs on the network printer and the USB printer simultaneously, there will be a conflict because only one driver can access the printer.

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