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Roasting; How To Use; Roasting Meats And Poultry - Hamilton Beach Roaster Oven User Manual

Roaster oven


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How to Use

• The insert pan should always be placed
in the roaster base when cooking.
• If the recipe calls for a preheated oven,
set the temperature control to desired
temperature. The red indicator light
will go out when the oven has reached
the set temperature.


Roasting Meats and Poultry

• We recommend the use of a meat
thermometer to assure perfectly
cooked roasts and poultry every time.
If using a meat thermometer, the
meat or poultry should be removed
from the roaster oven when the ther-
mometer reading is 5 to 10 degrees
below the desired temperature. The
internal temperature will continue to
rise after the meat has been removed
from the roaster oven.
• Most hams sold today are labeled
as "Cook Before Eating" or "Fully
Cooked." Ham labeled "Cook Before
Eating" has been smoked or cured
but NOT cooked. This ham must be
thoroughly cooked to an internal tem-
perature of 155 to 160°F. The "Fully
Cooked" hams have been smoked or
cured and already cooked. The ham
does not require further cooking, but
heating to 140°F improves the flavor.
1. Make sure temperature control is
turned to OFF. Plug cord into
120 volt AC outlet.
2. Remove rack. Leave insert pan in
roaster oven.
3. Set temperature control to desired
setting and let preheat 15 minutes.
4. Place food to be cooked in a pan
on the rack (or directly in the insert
pan). Then place rack in oven and
replace the cover.
5. When finished cooking, remove
cover. Wearing oven mitts, remove
food by using the rack.
6. Turn temperature control to OFF
and unplug roaster oven.
• The roaster oven cooks turkeys in less
time than conventional ovens. A 14 to
18 pound unstuffed turkey will cook in
approximately 2
hours. A turkey
cooked in the roaster oven is moist
and juicy, but does not brown. If you
want a turkey with browned skin,
please use the Turkey Browning
Sauce in the "Recipe" section.
• The Roasting Chart lists cooking
times for tender cuts of meat that
are usually dry-roasted. These roasts
are from the rib or sirloin area. To ten-
derize cuts from the leg (ham) or
shoulder/chuck area, cook in liquid
for a longer period of time.
• Times indicated are approximate and
should be used only as a general
guideline. Individual cuts of meat and
personal preference may dictate
longer or shorter roasting times.

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