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Warming Rolls, Biscuits, Etc.; Quantity Cooking; Cleaning Your Roaster Oven - Hamilton Beach Roaster Oven User Manual

Roaster oven


Warming Rolls, Biscuits, etc.

Preheat roaster over to 250ºF. You will
need two small ovenproof containers
to hold water. Emptied and washed
food cans are perfect. Fill the cans
two-thirds full with hot water and place

Quantity Cooking

The insert pan may be used as a
large cooking utensil when cooking or
heating large quantities, about
4 gallons. It may be used to simmer
sauces, soups, or stews, or simply to
heat or warm large quantities. When
cooking or heating soups or stews in
the roaster oven, stir occasionally for
quicker, even heating.

Cleaning Your Roaster Oven

1. Turn temperature control to OFF.
Unplug roaster oven from outlet and
let cool.
2. Wash cover, rack, and insert pan
in hot, soapy water. To remove
burned-on food, let soak, then scrub
with a nylon scouring pad. Rinse in
hot water, then dry.
in opposite corners of the insert pan.
Stack rolls, biscuits, or pancakes in
insert pan. Do not let them touch sides
of pan. Cover and keep warm up to
one hour.
For example, set the temperature
control at 400°F and the roaster oven
will warm vegetable beef soup from
refrigerated temperature to serving
temperature in about two hours. To
cook soups, stews, or sauces, set
the temperature control on 225°F
and allow 4 to 8 hours to simmer,
depending on recipe.
3. Wipe the inside of the roaster base
with a damp cloth.
4. Wipe the outside of the roaster oven
with a damp, soapy cloth; then dry.
NOTE: Never immerse roaster base in
water or other liquid.

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