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LG LAM-N760 Owner's Manual page 5

7inch wide tft color tv system/mobile monitor
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1. Do not drop it and avoid heavy impact at anytime.
This may be the cause of a trouble or a fire.
2. Do not watch TV or video for a long time with engine turned off.
A vehicle may not start due to the discharge of battery.
3. Do not grab the lower part of the antenna to adjust an angle.
4. Do not charge, disassemble or heat the battery and keep it away from
This may be the cause of an explosion or a leakage.
5. Keep a glass washer out of children's reach.
If it goes into eyes, wash them cleanly with water and consult with a doctor.
6. Do not use for many hours at extremely low or high temperature.
This product is built to sustain various conditions in vehicles.
However, exposing the unit to the direct rays of the sun for a long time may
shorten the product life or cause a breakdown. (-10-60°C)
Therefore, do not block or install near any heat sources such as radiators,
heat generators, or any other device (including amplifiers) that generates
7. Avoid water.
Do not use this device near water and clean the product only with a dry
8. During the installation, do not block any ventilation openings, Install
the product according to the instructions from the manufacturer.
TV functions only for LAM-N760SP.
Safety notes


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