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KitchenAid KDRP462LSS08 Installation Instructions Manual

36" commercial style dual fuel range with self-cleaning thermal/convection oven
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for residentiaJuse enJy
(required for some installations)
Tip Over Hazard
A child or adult can tip the range
and be killed.
Connect anti-tip
bracket to wall
behind range.
the anti-tip bracket, if
the range is moved.
Failure to follow these instructions
can resuJt in death or serious
burns to chitdren and adults.
Questions regarding features,
operation, performance, parts or
service? Call 1=800o422=1230 or visit
our web site at
Read and save these
Leave installation
instructions with the homeowner=
Keep installation
instructions for future reference.
Save installation instructions for local
electrical inspector's use.
Write down the model and serial numbers
before installing range.
Both numbers are on the model/serial
rating plate, located on the surface below
the control panel.
Model #
Serial #
Part No. 8301169
Rev. A


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Summary of Contents for KitchenAid KDRP462LSS08

  • Page 1 Call 1=800o422=1230 or visit our web site at Read and save these Write down the model and serial numbers before installing range. IMPORTANT:...
  • Page 2: Before You Start

    Before you start,,, Proper installation is your responsibility. WARNING: If the Have a qualified technician install this Your safety and the safety of information in this manua_ range. Make sure you have everything others are very important. necessary for correct installation. It is the is not followed exactly, We have provided many important...
  • Page 3 Parts . . suppliedfor NOTE:regulator located at center dimensions bottom of range, 36" (91,4 cm) ns aiia men cooktop width 9ol/4" 45" (1143 cm) overall height 2 - #10 x 2" anti-tip phillips head screws brackets 36" (914 cm) ° Anti=tip bracket must be securely cooktop height with attached to a wall stud.
  • Page 4: Natural Gas

    GaS $U mThe range is equipped for use with E if rigid pipe NATURAL gas. it is design=certified by is used as a gas supply line, a combination of pipe international Approval Services (I.A.S.) for NATURAL and L.R gases with appropriate fittings must be used to obtain an in-line conversion.
  • Page 5 down and pull toward you. Carefully lay Connection at connection block must this part to the side to avoid scratching the stainless steel. be copper wire only. If the house has aluminum wiring, follow the procedure below: Lay a piece of cardboard from side if codes permit and a separate ground a) Connect the aluminum wiring to the packing on the floor behind range.
  • Page 6 3oConnect the two black wires together; and the two red wires together using twist-on connectors. (See Figure 1.) 4. Separate the factory-crimped bare and white range cable wires. 5o Connect the two white wires together using twist=on connector. 6o Connect the bare ground wire from Tip OverHazard Electrical Shock Hazard...
  • Page 7 use pipe-joint _burnercap ERemove c ardboard or hardboard ignitor burner fromunder r ange. regulator flexible electrode base connector 3 fl'0nt screws (4 rear screws required but not shown) union 1/2"t0 3/4" gas adapter pipe a 1/2" male pipe thread is neededfor connection to pressure regulator female pipe threads E Make gas connection.
  • Page 8 installingthe griJie m Completing the griddle or griddJe. installation: Grille installation: Go to Step 16. griddle dlip Griddle installation: The griddle is factory tray installed. To complete the installation, go to Step 17. m Installing the grille: log burner Reinstall the log burner. Make sure burner's rear flange is seated in slot.
  • Page 9 Quickly turn control knob down to "LO" the oven still does not operate, contact position. your KitchenAid dealer or designated c. if burner goes out, readjust valve as service company. follows: Remove control knob. insert a flat-blade screwdriver into the hollow valve stem and engage the slotted screw.
  • Page 10 Installer checkoff If range dees net eperate In the event that your KitchenAid RANGE Check that the circuit breaker is not appliance should need service, call the tripped or the house fuse blown. dealer from whom you purchased the Range correctly positioned in countertop cutout.
  • Page 11 €_:_o--_ Cooktop schematic SPARK MODULE ¢-_c--_ VALVE SWITCHES YEL OR BRN (6) PLCS L ....TOR ELECTRODES Oven schematic SUPPRESSOR WP#4451985 P8-2 ON LATCH ASSY P8-3 P4-1 P8-4 P4-2 DOOR LOCK P9-1 MOTOR LATCH BROIL-3000W P9-3 P5-3 P7-4 P5-4 P7-5 TOD - NON RESETABLE BREAK RELAY ==4)_...
  • Page 12: Home Appliances

    Part No. 8301169 Rev. A KJtchen kid ® © 2003 KitchenAid. ® Registered Trademark/Trademark HOME APPLIANCES KitchenAid U.S.A., KitchenAid Canada licensee in Canada Printed in U.S.A. Prepared by KitchenAid, Benton Harbor, Michigan 49022...
  • Page 13 BIEN PENSE, BIEN FABRI©_JE_' performance, pieces ou service, causer un d@cesou des brQlures graves tel6phoner au !-800-422-1230 ou aux enfants et aux aduites. consulter notre site Internet a I'adresse mMP@RTANT : Life et censerverces Inscrire ci=dessous les num@rosde iMPORTANT : modele et de serie avant d'installer la cuisiniere.
  • Page 14: Avant De Commencer

    Avant de commencer,,,, Iocaux. En I'absence d'un code local, FAIRE Sl UNE ODEUR Votre s_curit_ et celle des autres I'installation dolt _tre conforme aux DE GAZ dispositions de la plus recente edition de est tr_s [mportante. PERCEPTIBLE? la norme American National Standard, Nous donnons de nombreux National Fuel Gas Code ANSI Z223.1", •...
  • Page 15: Dimensions Du Produit

    Dimensions Pi ces feurnies NOTE : D_tendeur Largeur de la table /.. plac_ en bas/au centre du produit de cuisson pour J'instaiJation de la cuisini6re 91.4 crn (36 pe) 4,4 C?o > 23,5 crn (9-1/4 po) Bride Hauteurhers-tout 2 vis _ t_te Phillips antibasculement 114,3cm (45 po) n°...
  • Page 16: Gaz Naturel

    r0binet d'arr_t '0uvert" canalisati0n m Cette cuisiniere est equip6e pour en 9az d'arriv_e de gaz I'alimentation au gaz NATUREL Sa vers la cuisini_re conception est homologuee par International Approval Services (I.A.S.) La canalisation d'arrivee de gaz pour I'alimentation au gaz NATUREL ou devra comporter un robinet d'arr_t au PROPANE (avec conversion homologue.
  • Page 17 m II y a un raccord de conduit Enlever I'event du fond; 6ter les deux (homologation UL ou CSA) a chaque vis de part et d'autre de I'event du fond. Faire glisser I'event vers le bas pour pouvoir extremit6 du cSble d'alimentation (c6te table Si on utilise un conducteur distinct de le tirer.
  • Page 18 =1Si le code local ne permet pas le raccordement du conducteur de liaison la terre connecte au ch&ssis au conducteur neutre (blanc) darts la bo'_te de connexion (configuration egalement utilisee au Canada). Risque de choc _lectrique D_connecter la source de courant circuit d'alimentati0n -4 conducteurs Risque de basculement _lectrique...
  • Page 19 5.Avec unconnecteur deills,connecter 3 vis avant ensemble lesdeux conducteurs blanc& (4 vis n@essaires & I'arri_re, rennet d'arr_t - position d'ouverture male pas repr_sent_es) 6.Connecter leconducteur nuduc_ble delacuisiniere a uconducteur de canalisation d'arriv@ de gaz liaison a laterre darts labotte de connexion oua unautre conducteur relica laterre(utiliser unconnecteur vers la cuisini_re...
  • Page 20 lnstallatien du ins@er les pieds de la plaque de Placer le plateau ondule sur le recup@ation avant darts les fentes de la plateau de support - voir I%ustration. Le oe de la plaqee a plaque de recup@ation arri@e (voir plateau ondule dolt _tre centre sur le #ire°...
  • Page 21 (on recommande 300°F). Le brOleur four ne fonctionne toujours pas, contacter c. Si le brOleur s'@teint,ajuster le reglage le concessionnaire KitchenAid ou une standard de la table de cuisson devrait du robinet de gaz comme suit : entreprise de service apr6s-vente agre6e.
  • Page 22 Fusible grille ou disjoncteur ouvert? KitchenAid. On peut trouver les noms et adresses des etablissements de service Robinet de gaz ouvert (position agre6s darts I'annuaire local Pages jaunes "ON")?
  • Page 24 AVEC PORTE DU FOUR FERMEE Piece n ° 8301169 Rev. A ©2003 KitchenAid KltchenAkid ® ® Marque dcposce/marque APPAREILS MENAGERS commerce de KitchenAid U.S.A.; emploi sous licence au Canada Prepar6 par KitchenAid, Benton Harbor, Michigan 49022 KitchenAid Canada Impdme aux E.oU.

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