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Cooking with your microwave

Instruction booklet


   Summary of Contents for HITACHI HIT BG17SS

  • Page 1: Cooking With Your Microwave

    HIT BG17SS Cooking with your microwave Instruction booklet...

  • Page 2: Important Safety Instructions

    Important Safety Instructions Safety Only use utensils that are suitable for Please Read Carefully and Containers microwave use. Refer to the section on the Pressure will build up in sealed containers Keep for Future Reference correct utensils to use in this appliance. and can cause them to explode.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Contents Unpacking and getting ready page 4 Introducing microwave cooking page 6 Setting the child lock page 11 Using the microwave page 12 Quick Start Cooking page 14 Auto Menu page 15 Setting the Clock page 17 Program Set In Advance page 18 Multi-stage cooking page 19...

  • Page 4: Unpacking And Getting Ready

    Unpacking and getting ready Unpacking This microwave oven is After unpacking your oven, check that it has not been damaged whilst in designed for home use. It the box. Make sure there are no dents, that the door closes properly. should not be used for commercial catering.

  • Page 5

    Getting to know your Display microwave Shows the clock and cooking time/setting Control panel The oven beeps when you choose a setting on the control panel Turntable spindle Accessories: (included) LED display Shows the clock or cooking time/setting Clock/Pre-set buttons Defrost by weight Glass turntable Use this button to set clock and...

  • Page 6: Introducing Microwave Cooking

    Introducing microwave cooking Introducing microwave cooking Always remember the basic safeguards you would follow when using any cooking equipment or handling hot food. This page gives some of the basic guidelines for microwave cooking. If you are unfamiliar with using a microwave, there is more information at the back of this instruction booklet.

  • Page 7: Checking Your Cooking Utensils

    Introducing microwave cooking Microwave ovens cook food using microwave energy that is Safety similar to naturally occurring radio waves. Normally, these "waves" would fade as they disappeared into the atmosphere, Never use equipment but in a microwave oven they are concentrated onto food made of metal, except causing it to heat up.

  • Page 8: Microwave Heating Categories

    More about getting the most from microwave cooking Introducing microwave cooking Microwave heating categories Your oven has been tested and labelled to meet the government's voluntary agreement on the reheating of pre-cooked food. 700W Remember W is the output power of Always check that the food is the oven.

  • Page 9

    Steam Introducing microwave cooking When you microwave food, steam is created as water in the food heats up and evaporates. The steam formed during microwave cooking is entirely safe. It has to escape from the microwave to prevent pressure from building up inside the oven.

  • Page 10: Checking Your Microwave

    Checking your microwave Introducing microwave cooking Check your microwave is working after unpacking and whenever you think it might not be working properly. Push button to open the door. Safety Put the turntable ring inside the oven and place the glass turntable on For your safety, the top of the ring.

  • Page 11: Setting The Child Lock

    Setting the Child Lock Setting the child lock The child lock is a safety feature which when set will lock all of the buttons on your microwave. This prevents your microwave being used accidentally though your microwave door will still open. Lock: In waiting state, press "Cancel/Stop"...

  • Page 12: Using The Microwave

    Using the microwave Using the microwave Basic microwave cooking and reheating Hint: Press the "Cancel/Stop" button. Starting and stopping cooking It is possible to check cooking progress at any time, by opening the door and inspecting the food. This interrupts the emission of Make sure the glass turntable and the turntable ring microwave energy and the oven stops working until the...

  • Page 13

    Press "Quick Start/Start" to start cooking. Using the microwave Example: If you want to use 80% microwave to cook food for 20 minutes, you can operate the oven as the following steps. 1) Press "Micro./Grill/Combi.", the screen display "P100". 2) Turn "Timer/Power/Weight" to adjust 80% microwave power until the oven displays "P 80".

  • Page 14: Quick Start Cooking

    Quick start cooking Microwave cooking This function is useful when heating small amounts of food or drink, or for adding an extra one minute when cooking time has already elapsed. Hint The quick start feature allows you to set one minute intervals Put the turntable ring inside the oven and place the glass turntable on of HIGH power cooking with top of the ring.

  • Page 15: Auto Menu

    Auto Menu Microwave cooking Example: If you want to use "Auto Menu" to cook fish of 250g. Press "Auto Menu" , " " and " " will light. Turn "Timer/Power/Weight" to select the function you want. Press "Auto Menu" button to confirm. Turn "Timer/Power/Weight"...

  • Page 16

    The automatic menu procedure: Microwave cooking Menu Order Display Weight Cooking Time 200 g 2'00" Make sure food is thoroughly heated through. 400 g 3'10" Auto Reheat 600 g 4'30" 200 g 4'30" Add a few tablespoons of water, cover with cling film for 300 g 5'00"...

  • Page 17: Setting The Clock

    Setting the clock Microwave cooking When the microwave oven is electrified, the oven will display "0:00", buzzer will ring once. Press "Clock/Pre-Set", the hour figures will flash, and the indicator for clock " " will light. Turn "Timer/Power/Weight" to adjust the hour figures, the input time should be within 0--23.

  • Page 18: Program Set In Advance

    Program set in Advance Microwave cooking Set the clock first. (Consult the instruction of clock setting.) Input the cooking program. Three stage power levels can be set at most. Defrost should always be set as the first stage, if it is included in the multi-level program. Please do not press "Quick Start/Start"...

  • Page 19: Multi-stage Cooking

    Multi-section cooking Microwave cooking At most 3 sections can be input for cooking. In multi-section cooking, if one section is defrosting, then defrosting shall be placed in the first section. Example: If you want to use "20 minutes of 100% microwave power + 5 minutes of 80% microwave power "...

  • Page 20: Inquiring Function

    Inquiring Function Microwave cooking In microwave, grill or combination cooking state, press "Micro./Grill/Combi.", the current power will be displayed for 4 seconds. After 4 seconds, the oven will turn back to the former state; In cooking state, press "Clock/Pre-Set" to inquire the present time and the time will flash for 4 seconds.

  • Page 21: Defrosting

    Defrosting Defrosting Defrost by weight Hint Make sure the glass turntable, turntable ring and defrost rack You may wish to place the are inside the oven. frozen food onto a plate or After putting your frozen food in the oven on the defrost rack, dish before placing it onto the defrost rack.

  • Page 22: Defrost By Time

    Defrosting Defrost By Time Make sure the glass turntable, turntable ring and defrost rack are inside the oven. After putting your frozen food in the oven on the defrost rack, close the door. Press the "Cancel/Stop" button. Press "Defrost By Time" button. LED will display "dEF2", " "...

  • Page 23: Cleaning Your Microwave

    Cleaning your microwave Cleaning Cleaning your oven each time you use it will help to prevent stubborn marks that can be difficult to clean. Caution Pay attention to the area around the wave guide cover which if not regularly cleaned can collect food Keep the front of the Be careful not to spill residue creating a potential fire...

  • Page 24: Using Aluminium Foil In Your Microwave

    Using aluminium foil in your Using aluminium foil microwave It is safe to use aluminium foil in your microwave oven as long as you follow these safety guidelines. As with all metal, microwave energy Follow these guidelines when using can not pass through foil, but provided foil in your microwave: that you keep the foil away from the side of the oven it will not cause sparks...

  • Page 25: Questions And Answers

    Questions and answers Questions and answers Why is it so important that I allow Why does not food seem to cook? standing time after cooking? Check that: With microwave cooking, many foods build up If you have a problem enough heat inside them to continue cooking even •...

  • Page 26

    Questions and answers Does the microwave energy get through Why will not the oven light come on? the window on the door? Open the door. If the light does not come on, the No. The door has a special metal screen with holes bulb has probably blown.

  • Page 27: Specification

    There are separate collection systems for recycling in the EU. For more information, please contact the local authority or your retailer where you purchased the product. HITACHI Europe Ltd. GB-27...

  • Page 28: Installation Instructions

    HIT BG17SS Installation Instructions Please read these instructions carefully before installing Please Note Electrical connection The oven is fitted with a plug and must be only connected to a properly installed earthed socket. In accordance with the appropriate regulations, the socket must only be installed and the connecting cable must only be replaced by a qualified electrician.

  • Page 29

    A. Built-in furniture The built-in cabinet shall not have a rear wall behind the appliance. Minimum installation height is 850mm. Do not cover ventilation slots and air intake points. GB - 29...

  • Page 30

    B. Install the Oven 1. Fix SCREW A on the UPPER AIR TUNNEL of the oven, and then install the oven into the cabinet. Adjust the height of SCREW A to make 1mm gap between SCREW A and the top of the cabinet. Do not trap or kink the power cord.

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