Frame Installation - Frigidaire FGM0205KB Installation Instructions Manual

Built-in trim kit
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Installation Instructions
Place the oven adjacent to the wall or cabinet
opening. Plug the power cord into the electrical
Carefully guide the assembled oven into the
prepared opening. Slide the oven on the Exhaust
Duct Assembly. See Illustration 4. Avoid pinching
the cord between the oven and the wall. Adjust the
position of the oven so that the feet of the oven are
fitted into the recesses of the Exhaust Duct
Assembly. See Illustration 5.
Position the FRAME ASSEMBLY to be square with
the oven. Carefully place the FRAME ASSEMBLY
on the oven. Check that it is level and then secure
with two SCREWS B. See Illustration 6.
Secure the bottom portion of the FRAME
ASSEMBLY with the two remaining SCREWS B.
See Illustration 6.
Illustration 4
Exhaust Dust Assembly
Illustration 5
Screw B
Screw B
Screw B
Illustration 6

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