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Kenmore 253.25031 Use And Care Manual page 6

Kenmore dehumidifier
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Dehumidifier Feature
4. You can also use the FAN SPEED button to change the fan speed to HIGH or LOW. The indicator light will show
the setting you have selected. A higher fan speed will result in quicker moisture removal.
5. The FILTER RESET light will illuminate after 250 hours of operation. At this time, refer to the "Care and Cleaning
section to remove and clean the filter. Once the filter has been cleaned, simply press the FILTER button to
extinguish the light.
6. The TIMER function enables you to either Delay Start or Delay Stop the unit in the choice from 0.5 hour to 24
hours. If the unit is running, then selecting Timer will turn the unit off after setting hours (Delay Stop). If the unit is
off, then selecting Timer will turn the unit on after setting hours (Delay Start).
TIMER setting: First press TIMER button, then to adjust timer setting, tap or hold the
delay timer at 0.5 hour increments, up to 10 hours, then by 1 hour increments up to 24 hours. The control will
count down the time remaining (8,7.5,7, etc.) until the unit either starts or stops. For the Delay Start, the fan speed
and humidity maintained will be the same as previous setting. After TIMER setting finishes, pressing TIMER button
again at any time will cancel the TIMER function. The Delay Start/Stop Feature will work until the unit either
starts ro stops. Once that happens, the above steps will have to be repeated again.
NOTE: 1. Before entering TIMER setting, make sure power is being supplied to the unit.
2. Before entering TIMER setting, make sure first pressing HUMIDITY
button to change the
button sets one desired room

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