Electrolux EI30GF35JSA Installation Instructions Manual
Electrolux EI30GF35JSA Installation Instructions Manual

Electrolux EI30GF35JSA Installation Instructions Manual

30" free-standing gas range
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  • Page 1 |nstallafion |nstrucfions ,_ ../_i_ _,, lnstrucciones de |nstalacion...
  • Page 2 iNSTALLATiON AND SERVICE MUST BE PERFORMED BY A QUALiFiED iNSTALLER. iMPORTANT: SAVE FOR LOCAL ELECTRICAL iNSPECTOR'S USE. READ AND SAVE THESE iNSTRUCTiONS FOR FUTURE REFERENCE. if the information in this manual is not followed exactly, a fire or explosion result causing property damage,...
  • Page 3: Importantnotesto The Installer

    ImportantNotesto the Installer Never leave children alone or unattended 1. Readall instructions contained in these installation in the area where an appliance is in use. As children grow, instructions before installing range. teach them the proper, safe use of all appliances. Never leave Remove all packing material from the oven compartments the oven door open when the range is unattended.
  • Page 4: Before Starting

    A. Locate the Bracket Using the Template - (Bracket may Before Starting be located on either the left or right side of the appliance. Use Tools You Will Need the information below to locate the bracket if template is not Anti=Tip leveling legs...
  • Page 5 Level & Position Appliance- Level appliance by adjusting the (4) leveling legs with a wrench. NOTE: A minimum clearance of 1/8" is required between the bottom of the appliance and the leveling leg to allow room for the bracket. Use a spirit level to check your adjustments. Slide appliance back into position.
  • Page 6 the 1/2" flare union adapter with an adjustable wrench before tightening the gas supply fitting and!or appliance conduit (Refer to Fig. 4e). Install flare union adapter to external manual shut-offvalve. Attach appliance conduit to flare union on shut-off valve. Make sure service shut-off valve on pressure regulator is in the "ON"...
  • Page 7 6.Assembly of the Surface Burner Heads, Burner PLEASE READ CAREFULLY! Forpersonal Caps and Burner Grates: safety, t hisproduct m ustbeproperly g rounded. It is very important to make sure that all of the Surface Burner Heads, Surface Burner Caps and Surface Burner Grates are Grounding instructions installed correctly.
  • Page 8 REMEMBER DO NOT ALLOW SPILLS, FOOD, Test to verify if "LO or LOW" setting should be adjusted (right front CLEANING AGENTS OR ANY OTHER MATERIAL position ONLY): ENTER THE GAS ORIFICE HOLDER OPENING. Always ignites. Push in and turn knob to _:_ (lite) until burner keep the Burner Caps and Burner Heads in place whenever Push in and quickly_turn knob to LOWEST POSITION.
  • Page 9: Maintenance

    After r emoving allpacking m aterials andliterature from theoven: To determine if the broil burner flame is proper, set the oven to a) Setoven to BAKE at 300°F. S ee Use & Care Manual for broil. If the flame is yellow in color, increase air shutter opening operating instructions.

Table of Contents