Electrolux EI30GF55GSB Use & Care Manual

30" free-standing perfect set gas range
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Use & Care Guide
Set Tm Gas


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  • Page 1 Use & Care Guide 30" Free-Standing Perfect Set Tm Gas Range...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    ......48-46 information visit http://www.electroiuxusa,com Cleaning cooktop and parts ........ Oven door removal ........48-49 Changing oven lights ........80-51 Solutions to Common Problems ......52-54 Warranty ..............©2007 Electrolux Home Products, Inc. All rights reserved. Printed in the USA...
  • Page 3: Safety

    Safety Important safety instructions Recognize safety symbols, words and labels Safety items throughout this manual are labeled with a WARNING or CAUTION based on the risk type as described below: This symbol alerts you to situations that may cause serious body harm, death or property damage.
  • Page 4 ;i:;i!i!!il;ii!;iiii!i_;!iiil;iiiiiii_ii_iiiii:iiiiiii!i):!;il;iiiii!!iiiii{ _i_ii_!:i; Sa,ety !mportant safety instructions Remove a,tapeand packaging before using the range, Destroy the carton and plastic bags after unpacking the range. Never allow children to play with packaging material..fai!_re I_roper ns_a a_ on--i:_esureyourapp ances properly installed and grounded by a qua[,fled techn c an naccordancew ththeNat...
  • Page 5 Safety Important safety instructions Important instuctions for using your Important instructions for using your cooktop OVeR • Use care when opening oven door or lower oven drawer (if equipped)--Stand to the side of the range when opening the door of a hot oven Let hot air or steam escape before you remove or replace food in the oven.
  • Page 6 : Sa,ety [mportantsafety[nstruct[ons Importantcleaninginstructions Groundinglnstructions • C[ean the range regu[ar[y to keep a[[ parts free For persona[ safety, this app[iance must be ofgreasethatcou[dcatchfire. Payparticular proper[ygrounded. For. max[mumsafety, thepower attentiontothearea underneatheach surface cord mustbe plugged mtoan electncal outletthat element. Donotallowgreasetoaccumulate. iscorrectlypolarizedand properlygrounded, fa 2- prong wall receptacle is the only available outlet, it...
  • Page 7: Features

    Features Oven features & options 1. Luxury-Lighting interior oven lights-pg 12 2. Controllock-pg12 3. Standard cooking • Bake -pg 18 • Broil -pg 21-22 • Convection bake -pg 23 • Convection roast -pg 25-26 • Keep warm -pg 27 Bake i70_F/760C 5500F/288°C •...
  • Page 8 !_!i!i!j;iiiii!iiiii,!!i!i!i_i!:!iiii!ii!_!_i_!_!iii!ii_i_i!ili_i ¸ii!i!,iiii!ili!i;iii!_!iiiii!_iii_!iiil;!_ii_ii!iiiiii!!_iii!i ¸iii!iiiiiii_ii_ii!i!i Features Oven control display & keys 13.Oven key pads • Upperoven Warmer oven 14. User preferences -pg 37-42 Timer 1 lmin 11 hrSgmin The fo ow ng opt ons are ava abe under User Preferences: • Clocksetting-pgll&37 Clock 12 hr 1:00 hr !1 h[59 min...
  • Page 9 Features Perfect Set TMRange features Your gas range features include: 1. Glass control panel. 2. Electronic oven & surface controls & timers. 3. Dishwasher safe burner grates. 4. Easy to clean upswept deep well cooktop. 5. Left front burner valve & knob. 6.
  • Page 10 Getting Started About the griddle (some models) Your new appliance is supplied with a griddle. Use Using the griddle the raised grill side of the griddle -Fig. 1- to cook • Place either side of the griddle centered over the meats such as sausage, steak, bacon, or other left or right side of gas burner grates.
  • Page 11 Getting Started Timers Settingclockatpowerup Thetwotimers providedwiththeovencontrol You will be prompted toenterthetime of day in the serve as extra reminders in the kitchen. When a eventofa powerfailureorwhenyou first provide timerreaches lessthan 1 minutethe displaywill electricpowertoyourappliance. starttocountdown inseconds. Whenthetime • Whenyourapplianceisfirstpowered up, 12:00 runsouttheactivetimerwill beep, "00:00"will will flash in the display.
  • Page 12 iii i iii i iiii ilili ilili ili:i i ii!i! !,!!iiiii!iiii Getting Started Choosing an between ovens hterior Luxu °Lighting Software contro s the upper and warmer ovens so Your app ance nc udes "theater" sty e oven that both may be set to operate at the same time lighting that gradually lights both the upper and with unique settings.
  • Page 13: Settings For Best Results

    Setting for Best Results Upper oven racks Types of oven racks Your appliance is equipped with 3 styles of interior oven racks; 1 offset oven rack, 1 handle oven rack and 1 fully extendable Luxury-Glide oven racks. Fig. 4 offset oven rack handle oven rack Fig.
  • Page 14 i##ii_izlii_#!i!i_iiiili!;!#i _i;#!i!iii!zlii!zlii!zi!i_i_!ii#:#_!_iiiiii_!i!ili!i Setting for Best ResuRs Upper over racks extendab e g de rack re00 _[ te Removing and replacing the offset rack (not illustrated) "_ uXpperu-_er r_rack To remove pull the oven rack straight forward portion until it reaches the stop position.
  • Page 15: Surfacecooking

    Surface Cooking Using proper cookware Cookware material types The cookware material determines how evenly and The size and type of cookware used will influence the setting needed for best cooking results. quickly heat is transferred from the surface burner Cookware should have flat bottoms that make good to the pan bottom.
  • Page 16 ii_iili !_i! ii ii_ii_ i i iiii ! i i ii iiiiilJ ii i i_ ii_!_i!! i _ iiiiiiiiiii _ i ! i i j_iiiill¸¸¸¸ 1 01i_! !i _ !iiii ii...
  • Page 17: Bake

    Setting Oven Controls About rapid preheat Use the rapid preheat option on single rack baking to quickly bring the upper oven to baking tern perature. The rapid preheat option may be set with the following cooking features: • Bake To add or change any cook settings after this feature has started: •...
  • Page 18 Setting Oven Controls About baking in upper oven Use the bake feature to cook most food items that If your recipe requires a different baking require normal cooking temperatures. temperature than the auto-suggested (default) temperature (example below shows upper oven Bake may be set with the following options: temperature set for 425 °F/218°C).
  • Page 19: Usingcooktime

    Setting Oven Controls Using cook time in upper oven See example below to set the upper oven for bake, Adding a cook time when baking is beneficial when a recipe requires a specific temperature and period starting immediately with preheating to the auto- suggest (default) setting of 350°F (176°C) and then of time to cook.
  • Page 20: Dehydrate

    !_!;!!_i_i_i:_:_!iii_i_!i_i_i_i_ii_ii_!iii!!iiiii!i_i_!ii!i_!_i!i_i_i!i_i_i!_!_!_!_!_!i_!_!_ii_iii_z!:!_i_!:i_ii_!i!_:;i_i!_:i Setting Oven Controls usingcooktimewireendtime inupperoven Adding a cook time along with a specific end time See example below to setthe upper oven with givesthe same benefitsasthecooktimeoption preheatingforbakeat375 F(176 C) for50minutes additiontocontrollingexactlywhenthecooking andtoautomaticallyshut-offatS:30. processw,,beg,nandend. Cooktimeandendtime may besetwith _ollowingfeatures: Step PreSS Bake •...
  • Page 21 Setting Oven Controls About broiling Setting broil Use the broil feature to cook meats that require See example below to set broil for the upper oven direct exposure to radiant heat for optimum starting immeadiately with the auto-suggest (de- browning results. This cooking feature is only fault) setting.
  • Page 22 #_i_i:_:_!iii_i_!i:;_!i:i_ii!:!_!iiii:_i_ii#_!_!:!ii_!:!!i_i_i!i_i:#_!!_!!i!_!!_i#_!_z!i_!_z!iiiii_ Setting Oven Controls i i iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii_i!_!i_!_ii!_ii!_!_!_:!_i!i!_i_i!_i_i!_i Settin broil i:i ili!i'iiiiiiii!!i!!iiii!!ii!!ii!!ii!!ii!!iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiill ii iiiii!i!i!!iiiiiiiii!ii!iiiiiiiii!iiii !i!ii!i I The broil pan insert (if equipped) contains slots that :_iiiii______i__i_ii!_i_ii!_i_ii!:i:i!i_i:i!i_i:i!i_i:i!i_i:i!_!_iii_i_iii_i__ii_i_i!_!i!iii!ii_i!_!!!_ii!__i!i_i_i_!_!i_____i___!_!__ii_!:_i!ii!!i allowsgreasefromthemeattodrainintothe broil _i_ii__:_ii___!i_i!_!i_ii_ii!!i!!ii!iii!iii!iii!iii!iii!i_i!i!_!iii__!i__ii!i__!ii_i!i__i_i!_!__i!i_#_!ii_ pan. Place prepared meaton broil pan insertand _i_iiiii_:_ii_:_ii_iiii_iiii_i_ii_i!ii_i!i:_i!i!_i!i!_i!i!_iii_iiii_iiii_iiii_iiii_ii_!_i:iii_i_!_!_!ii!i_i!ii_i!i_i_i!i_i_i!i_i_i!_i_i!i!!_i_:iii!_i_ then placeontobroilerpanasshown -Fig. 7. _i_iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!i_i___i!i!i!i:_!__!___i!i__!i!i__!i!i__!i!i__!i!i__!i_!ii!i!!!i_ii_i_!ii_i_i!i__i_ii__i!i!_!i!i!_!iii!_i___i_i!_!!_i Recommendedbroilingtimes i:iiiiiiiiiiiii_iiii_iiii_iiii_iiii_iii_iiii_iiiii_iii!_i_!_i_i!_i__:i__:i__:i__:i__:i__:i__:ii!!i_iii_!_ii__!!!i!i__!ii!_!i!!
  • Page 23 Setting Oven Controls About convection bake Setting convection bake Convection bake is part of the Perfect-Convect 3TM The following temperature settings apply to the conv bake feature: system. Convection bake uses a fan to circulate the oven heat evenly and continuously. °...
  • Page 24 Setting Oven Controls Using convection convert Setting convection convert The conv convert option allows you to convert any See the example below to set conv bake, starting normal baking recipeusingtheconvection bake immediately_4ththeauto-suggest(default) setting feature The contro uses the rec pe sett ngs of 350 F 176 C and addin the conv convert norma...
  • Page 25 i i ii!_!_!:i:_i1_!:i!_ Setting Oven Controls About convection roast Setting convection roast How convection roast works See example below to set convection roast to start ....immediately with the auto-suggest (default) setting. _onvecuon roas[ is parr orme verfec[-_onvec[ system, Convection roast combines a cook cycle with the convection fan and element to rapidly roast meats and poultry.
  • Page 26 Setting Oven Controls Roasting recommendations Roasting rack instructions When preparing meats for convection roasting, you Roasting rack may use the broiler pan, insert and the roasting rack supplied with your appliance. The broiler pan will catch grease spills and the insert will help prevent grease splatters.
  • Page 27 Setting Oven Controls Setting keep warm About keep warm Use the keep warm feature to keep hot foods See example below to set keep warm for the upper warm. Keep warm may be set with the following oven to start immediately with the auto-suggest options: (default) setting.
  • Page 28 Setting Oven Controls About slow cook Setting slow cook The slow cook feature may be used to cook foods See the example below to set a slow cook on Lo. more slowly at lower oven temperatures. cooking results will be like that of a Slow Cooker or Crock-Pot.
  • Page 29 Setting Oven Controls About dehydrate For best results The dehydrate feature dries with heat from the convection element. The heat is circulated Dry most fruits and vegetables at 140°F. Dry throughout the oven by the convection fan. Use herbs at 100°f. dehydrate to dry and/or preserve foods such as Drying times vary depending on the moisture fruits, vegetables, herbs and very thin slices of...
  • Page 30 ii@;i,li:@iiii@iii@i!i!;!:i@i!!i!! Setting Oven Controls iiiiiii ! About bread proof Setting bread proof i:iii_i!i_ii!_ii!_iii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!_!!ii!_ii_ii_i_ii_i_i!_!ii!_!_i!iii!ii_ii!ii!_i_!i!_i_!i!_!i_ Thebreadprooffeaturemaintainsawarm Seetheexamplebelowtosetbreadprooffor85 :iiiiii_:_ii_ii!_ii!_ii!_i!i_i_i!i_i_i!i_i_i!i_i_i!_!_iii_i_iii_i_ii_i_i!_!_!_ii!_i!i!_!i!_ii_i_!i!i_i_ii!i_!i_!:i!_i_iii_i_!i!_i!!! environmentusefulforrisingyeast-leavened 30C). i:iiiii__i_ii_!_!___!_!i!i_i_i_i!!!!_i!!!!ii_i!_ii_i!_ii_i!_ii_i!_ii_i!_ii_i!_ii!i!!i!i_!__iii___!!_i_!i_ii!!i_i_!!i!i__ii!i___ii_i_!i_i!i!_!i!i__(_!_!i!i!ii!i__i_i_ products. Bread proofmaybesetintheupper iiiiiiiiiiiiii@i!!ii!i!!ii!i!!B!!ii!i!ili!i!ili!i!iiiiiii!i!ili!_!!iiiiii ovenon_y. :_iiiii:ii:i_i_i_i_i_i!i_i_{i!i_!_i!ii!i!i_!_!i_!_!i_!_!i_!_!i_!iii_i_!_iiii!i_i_ii_ii_ii_ii_!_i_i_ Breadproofmaybesetinconjunctionwiththe Step i:_iiiiii:iiii:iii_iiii_iiii_iiii_iiii_iii_ii_!_!i_:i:_!_!_!i:!_!i:!_!i:!_!i:!_!i:!_!i:!_i_!_!i_!_i!i:!_!!!i_ii_i!_i_iii:i_ii}_!_!_!izi!_!_!_i_ flollowingfeature: iiiiiiii_i_ii_i_iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii_ii_ii_ii_ii_ii_ii_iiii_!_!_:i____i_i_!_i_i!Ji_i!Ji_i!Ji_i!Ji_i!___i!i_i_i!!i!ii!__i!i!_i_i_!_ii_ii_i_i!!i!i!_! Myfavorite 1. PFessUPPEROVEN :iiiii__i__iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii_ii_ii_ii__iii!!i_i_!i!ii!__i:!_!_i:!_!_i:!_!_i:!_!_i:!i!__i!!i_!:__!___!_i_!!__!!_:i Thefollowingtemperaturesettingsapplytothe 3. PressBREADPROOF iiiiiii__i_i__i_i_iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii_i_i!i_i_i!i_i_i!i_i_ii__i!i___i!i___i_i!__i:i!i_i_i_i_iii_i!i!!_i_ii!_i_ii!_i_iii_______iii!ii___i_i_i!i!_i_!_!i__i_ breadprooffeature: iiiiiiii_i_ii_i_iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!iii_i!iii_i!iii_i!iii_i!ii!ii!!_!ii!i_!_!!i!i_i!i!i_!i!_!_i!!iiii_iii_i_iii_i__i____!_i!_ii_ii!i_i_!_ii_i__i_iii___ii ....
  • Page 31 Setting Oven Controls Recallin 9 a favorite About my favorite You may store up to 2 of your most frequently used heat settings and cooking times, for setting or recalling. Step Press The favorite key will allow you to store a cooking feature, oven set temperature and a cook time for UPPER 1.
  • Page 32 cancelled. Ifanyofthecookingfeatures are cancelled whentheappliance isintheSabbath Aftera powerfailure, t hefoodmaybesafely mode, n oaudible orvisual i ndicators willbe removed fromtheovenwhilestillintheSabbath available toverifythecancellation. mode. Iftheoveninterior lightsareneeded, b esureto activate thempriortosettingtheSabbath mode. Once theovenlightis turned ONandtheSabbath ,,_| i -- modeisactive, t heovenlightwillremain onuntil theSabbath modeisturnedoffandtheovenlights Fig,1 areturned off.Theovendoorwillnotactivate the...
  • Page 33: Setting Sabbath Mode

    Setting Oven Controls Canceling Sabbath mode Setting Sabbath The example below shows setting the oven to The example below shows how to cancel the Sabbath mode. observe the Sabbath (and Jewish holidays). Step Press Set the BAKE feature you need during the Press and hold both the LO Sabbath for the UPPER oven.
  • Page 34: Setting Warmer Oven Controls

    ii_!!;ii_i_!i!_i!_!_:i_!ii!i_!_!_!_!_!!i_:_i!_:_i!_i!iiJ_!i_!:_!_!_!i_i!i_i:;!i:i_!i:i_!i:_!;!_!_!i_i:!!i_ii_i_ii_ii_ 'i!!ili;iil Setting Warmer Oven Controls Warmer oven features The warmer oven _s _dea_ forwarm_ng foods s uch as pizza, casseroles, baked potatoes and frozen convenience foods. Use the keep warm feature to keep hot cooked foods at serving temperature. its: The warmer oven may be set with the keep warm eature.
  • Page 35: Keep Warm

    Setting Warmer Oven Controls About keep warm in the Use the keep warm feature to keep cooked foods Temperature selection warm. See the recommended settings chart below for When using keep warm always start with hot food. keep warm. If a particular food is not listed, use Do not heat cold food.
  • Page 36 Warmer oven cleaning tips For easier clean-up, the lower oven should be cleaned as soon as the oven cools down. Clean after each use to minimize build-up of spatter and food leftovers. When cooking foods that spatter, cover the food with heat-proof lid or foil. Use a mild detergent and water to clean the oven drawer and sides.
  • Page 37: Setting Your Preferences

    Setting Your Preferences About user preferences with Setting clock display (CLO) PerfectoSet TMcontrols The clock display mode allows you to turn the clock display on or off, The _ key controls options for preferences. The See the example below to change the clock display will show a digital abbreviation and a value display to OFF,...
  • Page 38: Setting 12 Or 24 Hour Mode (Clo)

    ii_!!;ii_i_!i!_i!_!_:i_!ii!i_!_!_;_!_!:!i_;_!_;_!ii_:_i!_:_i!_:_i!i!_!;i_;;!_!;!_i_!;!_!_iii:_ii:_i!;ii!_!_!_i_!!_i!_!i_ Setting Your Preferences Setting 12 or 24 hour mode Changing between F or C {F°c} between 12and24hourmode. Thefactorypre-set clock display mode is 12 hour. Your control has the ability to display and set Fahrenhe torCe s ustemperatures The factory See the example below to change the default modeto24hour, pre-settemperaturedisplayis...
  • Page 39: Setting 12Hr Energy Saving Mode (Es)

    Setting Your Preferences Setting 12hr energy saving Setting audio mode (AUD) mode (ES) The audio mode allows you choose between 5 levels of audio volume for the oven control. You The oven control has a factory preset built-in 12 may turn the audio off and later return to operating hour energy saving feature that will shut off the with all the normal audible sounds and alerts.
  • Page 40 -Fig. 2- thepre-set U POmode -Fig, 4> 4. Press START to accept or 2. Press -Io to adjust the press CANCEL to reject, tern perature lower. To set the temperature lower 3. Use -Io to advance to -10 use the Io- key. -Fig, 2.
  • Page 41: Factory Default Reset (Rst)

    Setting Your Preferences Factory default reset (RST) List of displayed abbreviations See the chart below for common abbreviations that You may choose to restore your factory settings ..This will erase all settings or favorites that you you may see while using your apphance. have saved.
  • Page 42 * Audiomodeprovides 6 possible settings...
  • Page 43: Self-Clean

    Self-Clean Before starting se[foc[ean A self-cleaning oven automatically cleans with high temperatures that are well above those used for normal cooking. The self-clean feature eliminates soils completely or reduces them to a fine powdered ash that you can later easily wipe away with a damp cloth.
  • Page 44 _5_!i_Ji_!_i_i_!_!_i!_i_i_!_i_!i_!_ii_:_!i_i_i!:_:_!_!_:_ Self-Clean Settin 9 self-clean Settin 9 delayed self-clean ......The c ean feature prov des 3 d fferent cho ces for You may w sh to set our a ance to erform a self-cleaningtheupperoven. Setthecleanforlite self-cleancycle sometime later(upto 12 hours (2 hrs), med (3 hrs) orheavysoils(4 hrs).
  • Page 45: Care & Cleaning

    Care and Cleaning Use hot, soapy water and a cloth. Dry with a • Aluminum (trim pieces) & vinyl clean cloth. Painted and plastic control knobs Forgeneral cleaning, use hot, soapy water and a cloth. For more difficult soils and built-up grease. Body parts apply a liquid detergent directly onto the soil.
  • Page 46 Care and Cleaning C!ean!ng Recommendat!on SurfaceType • Oven racks Oven racks must be removed. Clean by using a mild, abrasive cleaner following manufacturer's instructions. Rinse with clean water and dry. • Oven door Use soap & water to thoroughly clean tiqe top, sides and front of the oven door.
  • Page 47: Cleaning Cooktop And Parts

    Care and Cleaning Cleaning cooktop and parts The cooktop is designed to make cleaning easier. Your appliance is shipped with the burner heads Because the gas burners are sealed, cleanups are and burner caps in the correct locations. Before easier when spillovers are cleaned up immediately, using your gas range be sure to: •...
  • Page 48 Care and Cleaning The oven door with Luxury° Hold TMhinges Removing the Lift-Off oven door Fig. 1 Fully open the oven door -Fig. 1. Unlock both oven door hinge locks by pulling them up and away from the oven frame until they stop (unlocked position) -Figs.
  • Page 49 iiiii#_i!i!ii!_i:i_i:i_!_! Care and Cleaning The oven door with Luxuryo Ho d h nges To.e.,oce,.e..-o.o e°.oo. Firmly grasp theoven door along bothsides j u st be low t he door ha ndie. Wh en po sitio n in g the door hinge arms with the door hinge slots in the oven frame, you may wish to use your knee to stabilize the door before attempting to insert the door hinge arms in the hinge slots -Fig.
  • Page 50: Changing Oven Lights

    1_ii!i_!_!_!i_ii_:_!i!!_i_:_:_!i_i_i_i_i_ii!i!_!_!_ii_i!_!i_i_i!i!i_!_!_!_!i:!:i_i!_iii:!:!!i_!i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_ii_!_!;i_ Care and Cleaning Special door care instructions Changing upper oven lights ..................................Do notcosethe_ oven doorunt a the nteror _::: oven racks are Tully insertea and retracted to thebackoftheoven. Theupperovenlightbulbsarelocatedattherear • Do not hit the -lass with _ots _ans or an of the oven cav ty and both are covered w th a otherobject.
  • Page 51 Care and Cleaning Changing warmer oven light Removing warmer oven and replacing light Before drawer removal, be sure to turn OFF the warmer oven and let the drawer area cool completely. Pull the drawer away from the oven. Using a phillips-head screwdriver remove the two drawer screws from the insides of the front...
  • Page 52 ..............::_:_i!:_:_i:_:_i:_:_i:_!!_!i_:_!_!_i_!_!!:!i!_i_i!_i_i_i_i_:_z_:_!_ii_;_;_i_:_ii:_i_i:i_!_!ii_i::i_i_:i space so appliance can be lifted over carpet.¸¸¸¸¸¸¸¸¸¸¸¸¸¸¸¸¸¸¸¸¸¸¸¸¸¸¸¸¸¸¸¸¸ i_i!_!_i!i_ii_!i!_!_i!i_ii_!i!_!_i!i_ii_!i!_!_i!i_ii_!i!_!_i!i_ii_!i!_!_i!i_ii_!i!_!_i!i_ii_!i!_!_i!i_ii_!i!_!_i!i_ii_!i!_!_i!i_ii_!i!_!_i!i_i Surface burners do not light , Surface control knob has not been completely turned (lite). Push in and turn the surface control knob to lite until burner ignites and then turn control knob to desired flame size, •...
  • Page 53 Solutions to Common Problems Surface burner flame is orange. • Dust particles in main line. Allow the burner to operate a few minutes until flame turns blue . In coastal areas, a slightly orange flame is unavoidable due to salt air. oven does not operate Be Sure the oven Controls are Set properly for the desired function.
  • Page 54 ii t,oos to c om i Prob'em Oven smokes excessively during • Control not set properly. Follow broiling instructions under broiling Setting Oven Controls. Make sure oven door is closed when broiling. Meat too close to the broil burner. Reposition the broil rack to provide proper clearance between the meat &...
  • Page 55: Warranty

    Major Appliances North America, a division of Electrolux Home Products, Inc. In Canada, your appliance is war- ranted by Electrolux Canada Corp. Electrolux authorizes no person to change or add to any obligations under this warranty. Obligations for service and parts under this warranty...

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