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Belling Users Manual & Installation Handbook page 3

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Please note the cooling fan fitted to this appliance is an integral part of its safety and func-
When the appliance is installed care must be taken that the cooling fans performance is not
impeded by any objects coming into contact with it. (Installation pipes, leads etc)
Care must also be taken that there is sufficient air flow at the rear of the appliance for the
cooling fan to run at its optimum efficiency. (Particularly Built In appliances) See clearance
dimensions in the installation section of the booklet.
During use the Appliance must never be disconnected from the Mains supply as this will
seriously affect the safety and performance of the appliance, particularly in relation to sur-
face temperatures becoming hot and gas operated parts not working efficiently.
The cooling fan is designed to run on after the control knob has been switched off to keep
the front of the appliance and the controls cool until the appliance has naturally cooled
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