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  • Page 1 User manual Fridge Freezer ZRB35315XA...
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    During transportation and installation of the • If this appliance featuring magnetic door appliance, be certain that none of the compo- seals is to replace an older appliance having
  • Page 3 Daily Use to flow back in the compressor. • Do not put hot pot on the plastic parts in the • Adequate air circulation should be around the appliance. appliance, lacking this leads to overheating.
  • Page 4 • Do not remove the LED light cover. Contact the nearest After Sales Service Force to re- place the LED light board, if it is necessary.
  • Page 5: Product Description

    Product description Vegetable drawers Control panel Low temperature compartment Door shelves Cabinet shelves Bottle shelf Dynamic Air Cooling Freezer baskets Bottle rack Rating plate
  • Page 6: Control Panel

    Before using the appliance for the first time, wash the interior and all internal accessories Important! Do not use detergents or abrasive with lukewarm water and some neutral soap so powders, as these will damage the finish.
  • Page 7: Daily Use

    The walls of the refrigerator are equipped with a Air cooling series of runners so that the shelves can be The Dynamic Air Cooling (DAC) fan lets food positioned as desired. chill quickly and in a more uniform temperature.
  • Page 8: Helpful Hints And Tips

    To obtain the best performance: ess, here are some important hints: • do not store warm food or evaporating liquids • the maximum quantity of food which can be in the refrigerator frozen in 24 hrs. is shown on the rating plate;
  • Page 9: Care And Cleaning

    Clean the compressor at the back of the appli- ance with a brush. This operation will improve
  • Page 10: Troubleshooting

    Water flows into the refrig- The water outlet is clogged. Clean the water outlet. erator. Products prevent that water flows Make sure that products do not touch into the water collector. the rear plate.
  • Page 11: Technical Data

    Ensure that air can circulate freely around the back of the cabinet. To ensure best performance, if the appliance is positioned below an overhanging wall unit, the minimum
  • Page 12 Warning! This appliance must be earthed. The manufacturer declines any liability 6. Switch on the appliance. should these safety measures not be observed. The appliance is supplied with a 13 amp plug fitted B. In the event of having to change the
  • Page 13 • Fix the door with upper hinge and fix it with screws of it. (13) • Screw off the pivot of the lower hinge (5) and screw the lower hinge pivot (6) into the left drill of the lower hinge.
  • Page 14: Environmental Concerns

    By ensuring this product household waste disposal service or the shop is disposed of correctly, you will help prevent where you purchased the product.
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