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Honeywell HEPA CLEAN HHT-145 Owner's Manual page 6

Whisper quiet air purifier with uv light
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The stage 1 particle pre-filter helps pick up large airborne
particles that enter the rear grille. This pre-filter can be
periodically removed and shaken to clean it. Alternatively,
it can be rinsed by hand under warm water (Fig. 9). Let
the pre-filter air dry completely before inserting back into
the unit (Fig. 10). If you need to replace this item, please
call 1-800-477-0457 or visit
OPTIONAL: Changing the Odor Control Filter
If you have chosen to use the CZ odor control filter that came with your air
purifier, it will lose its effectiveness over time and will need to be replaced.
Call 1-800-477-0457 or visit to order your replacement odor
control filters.
If using the CZ odor control filter, it is recommended that you store the original
washable pre-filter in the event that you decided to use it in the future.
To insert it into the unit, simply place securely into the rear grille in lieu of
standard pre-filter as shown in figure 10.
Note: The CZ filter is not washable.
• After about six months of continuous use, the UV
bulbs must be replaced.
• When it is time to replace the bulbs, the UV Bulb
indicator light (Fig. 11) will change from green to red
and the display will show this message.
• To replace the bulb cartridge take the following steps:
Be sure to turn off and unplug your air purifier.
Remove the rear grille and the upper HEPA Type filter (Fig. 12).
Remove the UV bulb by pulling it from the unit (Fig. 13). Dispose old
UV Bulb cartridge only at household hazardous waste collection sites.
Insert a new UV bulb (HUV-145). Make sure it is completely inserted into
the main unit.
Replace the HEPA Type filter and rear grille.
Plug the air purifier back into an electrical socket and turn the air
purifier on.
Press and hold the UV Bulb button for 5 seconds or until the light turns
from red to green and the UV bulb related message in the display is
cleared (Fig. 14) .
• Notes: Bulb cartridge is not intended for use with any other product or
purpose. This unit is equipped with a safety interlock switch. The unit will not operate while the rear
grille is removed.
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Table of Contents

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