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Honeywell HEPA CLEAN HHT-145 Owner's Manual page 4

Whisper quiet air purifier with uv light
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The filter status display turns on. (Note: The 1
always filled in. Additional segments will fill in as the filter
gets dirty.)
The "filters" and "UV Bulb" lights will be green. (Note: if they
are red then the filters must be cleaned or UV bulbs replaced.)
Changing the Cleaning Power Setting:
• This model has 12 air cleaning settings for specialized cleaning
capability. To increase the cleaning power, press the (+) button and
to decrease the cleaning power, press the (–) button. The cleaning
power display "segments" will increase when power is increased
and vice versa.
• Use a higher setting if you want to clean your room at a higher
rate and use a lower setting for quieter operation.
Ionizer, UV and Oscillation Options:
• Press the ionizer (
these functions on or off. The ionizer button will be back-lit to indicate ionization is taking place. The UV
button will be back-lit and the blue UV indicator light will illuminate when the UV feature is on. (Note: UV
bulbs are inside the product and the UV light cannot be seen.) The oscillate button will be back-lit and
the unit will oscillate when the oscillation feature is on.
Note: If you have asthma symptoms or other breathing disorders
that can be triggered by the presence of an ionizer, we
recommend that you do not activate the ionization feature.
Timer Operation:
• Once the air purifier it turned on, it can be programmed to turn
off automatically after a set amount of time (up to 18 hours).
• Press the timer on\off button (
appear in the timer display (Fig. 4).
• If you want to increase or decrease the amount of time in which
the product will shut off, press the timer (+) or (–) buttons.
• To turn off the timer mode, just press the timer
on\off button (
Note: Removing the rear grille or turning off the unit will cancel
the timer operation.
Filter Clean Indicator:
• The HEPA Type filters and pre-filter should be cleaned about every 3 months depending on use. The
Filter Status display shows the approximate time left until the filters need to be cleaned.
• When the Filters need to be cleaned, all of the Filter Status segments will be filled in and the Filters
button LED will change from green to red (Fig. 5).
• Clean the HEPA Type filters and pre-filter (see Cleaning instructions below) and then press and hold the
Filters button for 5 seconds or until the light changes from Red to Green. The filter status bar will revert
back to showing only one bar.
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Page 4
segment is
), UV (
), or oscillate (
) buttons to turn
). The default time of "9 hr" will
Fig. 4
Fig. 5

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Table of Contents

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