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Cleaning And Storage; Frequently Asked Questions - Honeywell HEPA CLEAN HHT-145 Owner's Manual

Whisper quiet air purifier with uv light
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NOTE: Discard the old UV bulb cartridge at a household hazardous waste collection site. Bulb and
bulb housing are not intended for use with any other product or purpose.
Lamp contains mercury. Manage in accordance with disposal laws.
See or call 1-800-895-8842.


We recommend that you clean the air purifier at least once every 3 months and before extended storage.
Use only a dry cloth to wipe the external surfaces of the air purifier. DO NOT USE WATER, WAX POLISH,
If your Air Purifier will not be used for more than 30 days, we recommend:
• Remove the HEPA-Type Filters from the unit.
• Wrap the HEPA-Type Filters in an air tight plastic bag and store with the unit.


My filter bar says my filter is still relatively clean but when I checked my filter, it was really dirty
In conditions where smoke, pets or air with a lot of contaminants are present it is possible that the filter
could be dirty sooner than indicated on the indicator. The filter life indicator on your unit runs on a timer
and if there are more particles in your air than in an average home, your filter could capture airborne
particles sooner than indicated on the display. The indicator is intended to be used as a guideline and
individual environmental conditions will vary.
My unit will not turn on.
The air purifier has safety features to ensure that the unit is ready for operation. Check to make sure
both HEPA-type filters are installed flush to the air purifier. Check to make sure the rear cover is
installed flush with the unit and is locked.
When do the UV bulbs need to be replaced?
The "Replace UV Bulb" message and light will turn on after 6 months of continuous use, so the bulbs
should be replaced at this time.
My Air Purifier is starting to make noise and the air output is less. What's wrong?
The filters may be dirty. High amounts of contaminates can block the pores in the filter and stop the air
from moving through it. Clean the Filters.
How long should I run my Air Purifier?
For best results, you should operate your Air Purifier 24 hours a day. This unit will be more effective
when doors and windows are closed.
Can I wash my HEPA-Type filter?
No. Washing the HEPA-Type filter will destroy it.
How does the electronic filter check work?
The filter check LED will light up after 3 months of continuous operation of the air purifier.
How does the UV check light work?
The UV check light will change from green to red when it is time to change the UV bulbs. Follow the
instructions located in "Replacing the ultraviolet (UV) bulbs".
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Table of Contents

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