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  • Page 1 IP Phone IP150...
  • Page 2 Interference Information This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference; and (2) This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.
  • Page 3 NOTE: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications.
  • Page 4: Hearing Aid Compatibility

    This Class B digital apparatus complies with Canadian ICES-003. Cet appareil numérique de la classe B est conforme à la norme NMB-003 du Canada. Licensing Licensed under US Patent 6,427,009. Hearing Aid Compatibility This telephone system meets FCC standards for Hearing Aid Compatibility.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Table of Contents Muting a call volume Welcome to the Phone of the Future! Conference call Copyright Statement Transferring a call About This Manual Redialing Conventions Putting a call on hold Unpacking your Phone Speakerphone Understanding your Phone Headset Front Accessing voicemail...
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Settings Updating Glass Software Update Table of Illustrations Cloud TC App Market Index Adding applications from the App Market Removing applications Adding an Application Icon to your Home Screen Configuring Glass The Home Screen Shortcuts Widgets Folders The Wallpaper Phone Settings Network Settings...
  • Page 7: Copyright Statement

    Any other references to brands, products, or services are copyright their respective owners. About This Manual This manual is your user’s guide to your IP150. It contains all the information you’ll need to configure, maintain, and use your new Android-based phone. In order to help you find information quickly, we’ve organized the manual as follows:...
  • Page 8: Parts Checklist

    Parts Checklist Make sure your package includes the following items: IP150 desktop phone Corded handset Handset cord Power adapter Ethernet cable IP150 Layout Time Date Volume 6 Lines Home Phone Back Contacts Menu Messages Speaker...
  • Page 9 Important Installation Information • Never install network wiring during a lightning storm. • Never install network jacks in wet locations unless the jack is specifically designed for wet locations. • Never touch non-insulated network wires or terminals, unless the telephone line is dis- connected from the network.
  • Page 10: Understanding Your Phone

    Understanding your Phone The IP150 is comprised of three main areas: 1. Front 2. Back 3. SideFront Front The front of the phone is comprised of three main areas: • Handset (far left)—a standard phone handset through which you can make...
  • Page 11: Back

    • Screen—the primary portion of the phone’s front is comprised of the large, touchscreen LCD screen. • Buttons—the action buttons allow you to interact with the IP150 interface without touching the screen. These buttons are: • Phone – this button brings up the dialing screen and will allow you to choose which line you would like to dial from.
  • Page 12 1. Power—this provides connection to the included AC power supply. 2. LAN—this provides physical connection to your local area network through a standard RJ45 cable. 3. PC—this port provides a connection through which your computer and IP150 can be connected to the internet through a standard RJ45 cable.
  • Page 13: Side

    2. Handset—this provides connection to the included phone handset. LCD Screen The IP150 is equipped with a touchscreen LCD that provides access to all of the phone’s features. To access a feature, simply tap on it on the screen. There is no need to push very hard against the screen.
  • Page 14: Bottom Information Bar

    Desktop The desktop area displays phone features as they are initiated. For example, a vari- ety of windows and content can appear in this area including (but not limited to): • Browser • Phone keypad • Call Log • Applications Bottom Information Bar The bottom information bar is a “context-sensitive”...
  • Page 15: On-Screen Keyboard

    IP150. Applications Because the IP150 is based on Android, you can install a variety of applications including web-browsers, office productivity software, and helpful utilities. These applications are often built by 3rd party developers, not RCA, so be sure you trust...
  • Page 16: Getting Started

    If you do not, please see the Network Settings Section of this manual for instructions on how to set a static IP address. Before you can use the IP150 to make a call, you need to set it up with your service provider.
  • Page 17 Press the Apps button on the left-hand side of the dial pad. Tap the Settings icon to enter the Settings Menu. The very top option on the list is Phone Settings.
  • Page 18 Tapping that option will bring up a list of Lines.
  • Page 19 This information will be given to you by your service provider. The Description, Domain, Voicemail Number and SIP Registration Interval entries are optional. For more information on those entries please see the The IP150 and Your Phone Sys- tem section of this manual.
  • Page 20: Step 5: Make A Call

    The phone will take you to the “Phone Status” window, showing you all the impor- tant details of your phone. It may take a moment for your phone to contact your service provider’s server, but once it does, the lines you provisioned will read “OK”. Congratulations, you are now ready to make a call! Step 5: Make a call! Once the phone has been configured for use with a SIP or VoIP service, making a call...
  • Page 21: Connecting To A Sip Provider On Your Phone

    The IP150 and your Phone System Your IP150 phone is intended to be connected to an existing internet-based phone system such as an IP-PBX (a SIP-based phone system). Provisioning the phone for connecting to a service is carried out through the Phone Settings window or on a computer on the same LAN through the Web Portal.
  • Page 22: Connecting To A Sip Provider On Your Computer

    IP150 phone. Line 1 Settings are the set- tings for you first phone line. To add a new line, press the Add Line button at the bottom of this page.
  • Page 23 • SIP Domain—an optional domain. Contact your network administrator or SIP service provider for this information. • Voicemail Number—the number to dial for your voice mail. This will be dialed automatically when you tap your voicemail box in the Messages menu , accessed by pressing the Messages button.
  • Page 24: Basic Phone Features

    Basic Phone Features The IP150 has a variety of powerful features for you to use…all with just a tap of your finger: • Transferring a call • Initiating a call • Redialing • Ending a call • Putting a call on hold •...
  • Page 25: Adjusting Call Volume

    Ending a call To end a call: • Tap the End Call button on the on-screen keypad. • Alternatively, if you are using the handset, simply hang up the handset. Adjusting call volume To adjust the volume using the volume icon: •...
  • Page 26: Muting A Call Volume

    Muting a call volume To mute an active call: • Tap the Mute Button in the right-hand navigation bar during an active call. This will turn the button red to indicate that it is active. • To unmute the call, simply tap the Mute Button again. Conference call To perform a conference call: •...
  • Page 27: Redialing

    Redialing To redial a number that you previously dialed: • Tap on the Messages button on the left-hand side of the dial pad. This will open the Call Logs Window. • You can re-dial any number in your call logs (missed, answered, or dialed) by tapping the number you wish to dial.
  • Page 28: Accessing Voicemail

    Sometimes it’s a user error and sometimes it a problem with a service provider or the Internet. The IP150 includes a built-in status tool to help you quickly troubleshoot (and forward information to RCA when required).
  • Page 29 • The Phone Status Window provides the following information: • Software Version —the current version of the IP150 Phone software that you have installed on the phone. For more information about how to update your phone, see the appropriate section in this manual.
  • Page 30: Notifications Window

    —when connected to an IP-PBX that supports SIP, you can have one or more lines on your phone registered and configured for service. The IP150 supports up to 6 lines configured on a single phone. The number of lines that you can configure depends upon the configuration of your IP-PBX or SIP provider.
  • Page 31: Making A Call

    Notifications • The Notifications Window provides detailed information about missed calls and other phone activity. Making a Call Making a call can be handled through one of three mechanisms: • Direct dial number—this can be handled through one of three methods: -Handset -Speaker -Headset...
  • Page 32 Speaker To place a call using the speaker: • Press the Speaker Button on the right hand side of the dial pad. This will engage the speakerphone. • Then, simply enter the phone number on the dial pad and tap the Call Button.
  • Page 33: Dialing From The Call Log

    • Each contact that is displayed has one of three icons to quick dial phone numbers: - Work - Home - Mobile • To initiate a call simply tap the appropriate icon. Note: if you need to find a contact quickly, you can either search or filter the list. For more information about these features available in the Contacts Window, see the appropriate section in this manual.
  • Page 34: Clearing Logs

    • To dial the number, tap on the Call Button of the number you wish to call. This will initiate the call immediately using the speakerphone. Clearing Logs To clear logs from the Call Log: • Press the Messages Button on the left hand side of the dial pad. This will open the Call Log Window.
  • Page 35: Search

    Search The IP150 includes a built-in search feature for finding information on your phone. To access the Search feature: • Make sure that you are on the home screen. • Press the Menu Button on the right-hand side of the dial pad, then tap the Search Button from the menu that pops up at the bottom of the screen.
  • Page 36: Contacts

    Contacts The integrated Contacts Address Book on the IP150 makes it easy to quickly initiate calls and enables you to import contacts from Microsoft® Outlook™ on your PC. The Contacts feature on the IP150 is composed of the following functionality:...
  • Page 37 Outlook To filter your contacts by those imported from Microsoft® Outlook™: • Tap on the Outlook Button at the top of the Contacts Window. This will filter all contacts to show only those that were imported from Microsoft® Outlook™. Google To filter your contacts by those imported from your Google®...
  • Page 38 • Tap the Search Button from the Bottom Menu Bar to open the Search Window. Search Contacts • To carry out a search: -Enter the search text in the Search Window. You can use the on-screen keyboard to do this. - As you enter information, suggestions that match (from the data sources configured in the Search Settings) will appear below the search field.
  • Page 39 Add New Contacts • To create a new contact, you can specify the following information: - Given Name—this is the contact’s first name - Family Name—this is the contact’s last name - You can tap the Arrow to expose additional fields including •...
  • Page 40 • Home Email—the contact’s email address (note: you can tap Home to change the field type from Home to Mobile to Work or to another custom-defined field); you can tap the Plus Icon to add additional email addresses including: • Work •...
  • Page 41 • Notes—tap the Plus Icon to add a Notes Field. Tap in the Notes Field to bring up the On-Screen Keyboard and enter text for this contact; • Nickname—tap the Plus Icon to add a Nickname Field. Tap in the Nickname Field to bring up the On-Screen Keyboard and enter the con tact’s nickname;...
  • Page 42 • Delete Contact • Tap the Edit Contact Button from the Bottom Menu Bar to open the Edit Contacts Window. • For each contact, you can modify the following information: • Given Name—this is the contact’s first name • Family Name—this is the contact’s last name •...
  • Page 43 • IM—the contact’s Instant Messaging name. Tap the Plus Icon to add one or more IM names including (Note: the following IM sources are listed in order of tapping the Plus Icon): • AIM • Windows Live • Yahoo! • Skype •...
  • Page 44: Delete A Contact

    Field to bring up the On-Screen Keyboard and enter the URL. • Tapping the More Arrow again will remove these additional fields. • When you are finished, tap the Done Button to save the contact. Alternatively, you can tap the Revert Button at any time to close the New Contact Window (without saving any information) and return to the Contacts Window.
  • Page 45: Making A Call From A Contact

    • While the contacts window is being displayed, filter or search the contacts to find the contact you wish to edit and tap that contact. This will display the Contact Details Window. • Through the Contact Details Window, you can directly call the contact by tapping the number that you wish to call.
  • Page 46 To import your contacts from Microsoft® Outlook™, you must first log in to the IP150 Web Portal through an internet browser on your PC. While on a computer connected to the same LAN as your IP150 phone, enter your phone’s IP address (your phone’s IP address can be located in the Phone Status screen).
  • Page 47 Once you’ve logged in, click the PC Connect link. Clicking on the PC Pairing Download link will download a file called CloudPhone- Setup.msi. Once you’ve downloaded and installed this program, run it. It will prompt you to input the IP address of the phone you wish to pair with. Google To filter your contacts by those imported from your Google®...
  • Page 48: Applications

    Applications One of the many features that differentiates the IP150 from other, ordinary desk- top phones is the ability to add applications. Because the phone is based on the Android Operating System, you have access to many of the same applications that Android-based mobile phone users do.
  • Page 49 Alarm clock The Alarm Clock Application allows you to set one or more times at which time the IP150 will sound an alarm. To access the Alarm Clock Application: • Tap on the Applications button on the left-hand side of the dial pad.
  • Page 50: Calculator

    • Tap on the Browser Icon. This will open the Browser Window. Web Browser • To interact with the Browser: • Tap on the URL Field. This will display the on-screen keyboard through which you can type a URL. Tap the go key on the onscreen keyboard to confirm the URL and navigate to that web resource.
  • Page 51: Phone Status

    Calculator Application Phone Status The phone status application provides information about your current phone pro- visioning and its connectivity to configured service providers. To access the Phone Status Application: • Press the Applications Button on the left-hand side of the dial pad. This will open the Applications Window.
  • Page 52 “Configuring Your Phone” section of this manual. Software Update The software update application allows you to update the IP150 Phone OS. This is similar to updating the operating system software on your personal computer. To access the Software Update Application: •...
  • Page 53 Applications Window. RCA App Market The RCA App Market enables you to find, review, and install third-party applica- tions onto your IP150 desktop phone much like you would on an Android-enabled mobile phone. To access the RCA App Market: • Visit in your internet browser. This will open the Cloud TC App Market.
  • Page 54 • To login: • Click on the Login Link at the top of the screen. This will open the Login Window. Login to market. • Username—enter the username you have been provided; • Password—enter your password • When you are finished, click the Login Button. You can also check the Remember Me Checkbox to have your browser remember your username the next time you visit the Cloud TC App Market.
  • Page 55 • To “purchase” an application: • Find the application by navigating through the categories on the left. When you find the application you want, simply click the Add to Cart Button. This will add the application to your cart. • When you have finished adding applications, you can click on the Check out Link at the top to finalize your purchases or the Shopping Cart Link to review what you have added to your cart.
  • Page 56: Adding Applications From The App Market

    Once you have purchased (note: even if the app is free, you must still go through “purchasing” process) one or more applications online, you will proceed to your IP150 device for download and installation. To download and install an application: •...
  • Page 57: Adding An Application Icon To Your Home Screen

    Application Settings • Tap on the Manage Applications Option from the Application Settings Window. This will open the Manage Applications Window. • To remove an application, tap on it. This will open the Application Details Window. • Tap on the Uninstall Button. This will remove the application and all associated data from your phone.
  • Page 58 Adding Application to Home Screen • To add the application, simply move it to where you want on your home screen and release your finger. Note: this will NOT remove the application from the Applications Window. You can still access the application from there as well.
  • Page 59: The Home Screen

    The application will still be available on the Applications Screen. Configuring Your IP150 The IP150 has a number of configuration settings that you can make to better personalize the phone environment to your liking and needs. Below is the list of elements that you can customize: •...
  • Page 60 To add a shortcut: • Make sure you are on the home screen. • Press the Menu Button on the right-hand side of the dial pad. This will open the bottom bar menu. • Select the Add Option. This will open the Add to Home Screen Popup Window.
  • Page 61: Widgets

    Widgets Widgets provide features right on your home screen. Some of the widgets that come preinstalled on the IP150 (although more available in the RCA App Market) include: • Analog clock • pulse (large) •...
  • Page 62: The Wallpaper

    Wallpaper You can customize the background of your IP150 with any JPEG picture. It comes pre-loaded with a number of vibrant pictures that you can choose as your back- ground.
  • Page 63: Network Settings

    Tap the Apply Changes Button to commit the changes to the line Note: it may take up to a minute for the IP150 to contact the SIP server, authenti- cate, and provision the lines. Please be patient. If there is an error, a dialog box will appear informing you of such.
  • Page 64: Manual

    Network Settings • By default, the IP150 will come pre-configured to obtain an IP address from a DHCP Server. In the event that it is not provisioned as such or has been changed to a manual IP address, you can just tap on the Use DHCP For Ethernet Address Checkbox.
  • Page 65 Note: if you have questions about what IP address to use or need assistance, you should contact your network administrator. -Subnet Mask— tap the More Arrow to reveal the Subnet Mask Popup Window. Tap on the text field to bring up the on-screen keyboard so that you can enter a subnet mask.
  • Page 66: Sound & Display

    Sound & Display To configure your phone’s sound and display setting: • Press the Applications Button on the left-hand side of the dial pad. This will open the Applications Window. • From the Applications Window, select Settings. This will open the Settings Window.
  • Page 67: Location & Security

    -Phone Ringtone— tap the More Arrow to open the Ringtones Pop-up Window. Select the ringtone for your phone from the list. Tap the OK Button to commit the changes -Notification Ringtone— tap the More Arrow to open the Ring- tones Pop-up Window. Select the ringtone for your phone from the list.
  • Page 68: Applications

    Location and Security Settings • There are several settings that you can configure: -Visible Passwords—tap the checkbox to enable to disable showing your password as you type. If this is disabled (not checked), your password will be represented as a series of dots. Applications To set the global settings for applications on your phone: •...
  • Page 69 If this checkbox is enabled then you can install any application, including many of those from the RCA App Market. If this is disabled, you will not be able to install any software that is not provided by RCA Busi- ness Phones.
  • Page 70: Privacy

    Running Services • To end a service, simply tap it. This will open the Stop Service Popup Window. Tap the Stop Button to stop the service. Note: if you stop a service that is running which is vital to the operation of the phone, the phone may stop functioning properly.
  • Page 71: Search

    Privacy Services • Factory data reset your data, tap the Factory Data Reset Option. You will be prompted with a dialogue box to confirm the reset. Tap OK to confirm or Cancel to return to the Privacy Settings Window. • Erase All Contacts-select option,it will erase all contacts. Warning: resetting your phone to factory data (i.e., erasing any data you had on the phone including third-party applications, call logs, contacts, etc.) cannot be undone.
  • Page 72: Language And Keyboard

    Search Services • Searchable Items—tap this option to open the Searchable Items Window. In this window, you can specify which data to allow to be searched by the QuickSearch Window that is accessible through the bottom menu bar of the home screen. Options include: -Contacts (names only) -Browser (bookmarks and web history), -Apps (names of installed applications)
  • Page 73: Date And Time

    Date and Time The Date and Time Settings allows you to specify how the IP150 will get the date and time. By default, the IP150 will come pre-configured to obtain the date and time automatically from an NTP server.
  • Page 74 Date and Time Settings Date and Time Settings You can specify several settings for how the phone displays the date and time. These include: • Select Time Zone • NTP Server • Use 24-Hour Format • Select Date Format Select Time Zone To set the time zone: •...
  • Page 75 • Tap on the NTP Server Option. This will display a NTP Server Popup Window. Simply enter the domain name or IP address of a NTP server. Note: The IP150 will come pre-configured with an address. It is not recommended that you change this.
  • Page 76 Select Date Format To set the format of the date: • Press the Applications Button on the left-hand side of the dial pad. This will open the Applications Window. • From the Applications Window, select Settings. This will open the Settings Window. •...
  • Page 77 Information About Your IP150 If you need detailed technical information about the IP150, you can get it through the settings menu. To access the Phone Details: • Press the Applications Button on the left-hand side of the dial pad. This will open the Applications Window.
  • Page 78: Entering A Url

    Browsing the Web on Your IP150 The IP150 includes a built-in, full-featured web browser that includes a number of powerful features including: -Windows -Bookmarks -Search -Zooming -Download history -Settings Entering a URL Before you begin to use the advanced browser features, you need to understand the basics—like how to enter a URL.
  • Page 79: Windows

    • Tap on the URL field at the top. This will open the on-screen keyboard into which you can type the URL. • When you are finished, tap the Go Button on the on-screen keyboard. Windows You can open multiple browser windows, allowing you to keep a page that has already loaded quickly accessible.
  • Page 80: Bookmarks

    • Select the Windows option. This will open the Windows Window. Browser Windows • The Windows Window displays all of the current windows you have opened. Through this Window you can: -Tap a window to open it -Delete a window by tapping the X Button to the right of the window you wish to close -Open a new window by tapping the New Window Option at the top of the window.
  • Page 81 • Tap on the URL field at the top. This will open the on-screen keyboard into which you can type the URL. • When you are finished, tap the Go Button on the on-screen keyboard. After the page has loaded, a Bookmark Button will appear to the right of the URL Field.
  • Page 82: Search

    • History—tapping on this option will display a history of visited URLs. You can tap on one to immediately open the URL in the browser. Search The browser also includes integrated search capabilities to find text on the web- page currently loaded into the browser. To access the browser search feature: •...
  • Page 83: Download History

    Download history You can download files to your phone through the browser (such as third-party applications). To see the download history: • First, open the browser. You can either tap on the Browser Icon on the home screen or you can access it via the applications, -Press the Applications Button on the left-hand side of the dial pad.
  • Page 84: Settings

    Browser Settings • There are a variety of browser settings you can specify: -Text size—tap this option to set the size of the text. This will open the Text Size Popup Window from which you can select a text size. Options include: •...
  • Page 85 • Japanese (ISO-2022-JP) • Japanese (SHIFT_JIS) • Japanese (EUC-JP) -Block pop-up windows—tap this option to enable or disable the browser from automatically blocking pop-up windows. -Load Images—tap this open to enable or disable loading images in webpages. If you choose not to load images, the web page will load faster.
  • Page 86 -Clear all cookie data—it may be a good idea from time to time, for privacy reasons, to remove all of the data in the cookies stored on your phone. Tap this option to remove all cookie data. -Remember form data—if you enter a lot of data in forms (i.e., addresses, names, etc.) you can tap this option to enable the browser to save that information so that you don’t have to keep entering it.
  • Page 87 Index Calling with the On-screen Keypad, 23 Clearing Call Logs, 33 About, 8 Cloud TC App Market, 52 About Glass, 77 Configuring The Phone, 60 Accessing Voicemail, 26 Configuring, Applications, 68 Adjusting the call volume, 24 Configuring, Date & Time, 73 Applications, 18, 47 Configuring, Date &...
  • Page 88 Configuring, Network Settings, 64 Getting Started, 19 Configuring, Network Settings Manually, 65 Step 1, 19 Configuring, Network Settings via DHCP, 64 Step 2, 19 Configuring, Phone Settings, 63 Step 3, 19 Configuring, Privacy, 70 Step 4, 19 Configuring, Search, 71 Step 5, 19 Configuring, Sound &...
  • Page 89 Phone Setup, 22 Phone Side, 12 Phone Status, 27 Putting a Call on Hold \i, 25 Redialing, 25 Search, 35 Speaker Phone \i, 25 Status Indicator Icons, 30 Transferring a Call, 25 Understanding Your Phone, 10 Unpacking Your Phone, 9 Update Your Phone, 89 Using a Headset, 26 Using your Phone, 27...
  • Page 90 Troubleshooting Guide Line status is unavailable • Check or repeat installation steps; • Check the IP address and the VOIP status , make sure the phone connect to the available SIP server or an existing SIP PBX. • Check the line setting , make sure all settings are not wrong Try to Power rest the phone Can not enter web page •...
  • Page 91 Causes of Poor Reception • Aluminum siding. • Foil backing on insulation. • Heating ducts and other metal construction that can shield radio signals. • You ’re too close to appliances such as microwaves, stoves, computers, etc. • Atmospheric conditions, such as strong storms. •...
  • Page 92 • Contact RCA Customer Care at (800) 511-3180. Our representatives will help you troubleshoot and diagnose the problem. As you may be asked to disconnect your RCA telephone from it’s power source, you must call from another telephone. If the issue cannot...
  • Page 93 • Products purchased or serviced outside the USA • Acts of nature, such as, but not limited to lightning damage Product Registration: • Please complete and mail the Product Registration Card packed with your unit. It will make it easier to contact you should it ever be neccessary. The return of the card is not required for warranty coverage.
  • Page 94 Please do not send any products to the Oregon address listed in this manual or on the carton. This will only add delays in service for your product. Telefield NA Inc. 4915 SW Griffith Dr. #205 Beaverton, Or 97005 RCA is a trademark of RCA Trademark Management S.A., Used under license. © 2012. All rights reserved.

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