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Safety Information; Warning About Emergency Services; Warning About Explosive Gas; Warning About The Impact Of Electromagnetic Signals - Hitachi WIRELESSIP5000 User Manual

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User's Manual

5. Safety Information

This safety information applies to the WIRELESSIP5000 telephone. Please read the section
below before installing or using your WIRELESSIP5000.

5.1. Warning about emergency services

Since the WIRELESSIP 5000 utilizes a communications network that is dependent on
commercial power supply, during a power failure, it can not access emergency services. Use
some other means to access emergency services.

5.2. Warning about explosive gas

Do not use the WIRELESSIP5000 anywhere dangerous, such as in an area with explosive gas in
the air. Verify safety with qualified personnel before using a wireless device in such an

5.3. Warning about the impact of electromagnetic signals

Since the WIRELESSIP5000 uses wireless signals, there is a danger of it affecting nearby
electronic equipment. Do not use the WIRELESSIP 5000 near medical equipment or anywhere
that use is prohibited.

5.4. Warning about battery handling

Do not dispose of the battery pack in fire or water. The battery could explode in a fire.

5.5. Battery safety items

Do not disassemble the battery pack, hit it, drill a hole in it, or incinerate it.
Failure to observe these precautions can result in fire, explosion, and injury. Do not touch
anything metal to the battery terminals.
Be particularly careful with any battery that is damaged or leaking. If you come in contact
with the battery fluid, wash that location well with plenty of soap and water. If any battery
fluid should get into your eyes, wash your eyes out with water for about 15 minutes and
seek medical attention.
Do not charge the battery if the ambient temperature is over 40˚C.
Do not store the battery anywhere that the temperature goes over 60˚C.
When disposing of a used battery pack, consult a local waste processing contractor and
follow all laws concerning disposal and recycling.
To replace the battery, contact your local sales store. Use a battery specifically designed for
Use the AC adaptor manufactured specifically for the WIRELESSIP5000.
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