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Accessories; Accessory Guidelines; Accessories Covered; Ac Power Supply Adaptor - Hitachi WIRELESSIP5000 User Manual

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User's Manual

4. Accessories

4.1. Accessory guidelines

These guidelines concern WIRELESSIP5000 accessories.
When unplugging the power cord for an accessory, hold it by the plug. Never pull on
the cord itself.
Keep accessories out of the reach of children.
Use only chargers, batteries, and accessories specifically manufactured for the Hitachi
Cable WIRELESSIP5000.Using a charger, battery, or accessory not designed for the
WIRELESSIP5000 would cause danger and would void the warranty for your telephone.

4.2. Accessories covered

Standard battery
Power Supply for Japan
Desktop charger
USB cable (option)

4.3. AC power supply adaptor

The AC adaptor in Figure 2 can quick charge your WIRELESSIP5000.
When using the adaptor, plug the plug into a wall socket and connect the connector to the
base of the WIRELESSIP5000 or to the rear of the desktop charger.
You can charge the telephone while you are using it.
Hitachi Cable
Figure 2



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