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Mitsubishi Electric PAC-AK53BC Installation Manual

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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    • The terminal block cover panel of the unit must be firmly attached. ceiling, floor and other personal properties. • Use only accessories authorized by Mitsubishi Electric and ask a dealer or an authorized technician to install them. 2. Selecting a location for installation •...
  • Page 3: Confirming Supplied Accessories

    (The Y-shaped connection pipe is intend- PAC-493PI ø6.35 → ø9.52 ø6.35 ø9.5 ed for use with PAC-AK52BC/PAC-AK53BC branch box only. ) PAC-SG76RJ-E ø9.52 → ø15.88 ø9.5 ø15.88 Optional Y-shaped connection pipe for P100 indoor unit...
  • Page 4: Refrigerant Piping

    *1: A minimum 350 mm is required for 90° bends in refrigerant piping. Fig. 4-5 Fig. 4-6 Note: When using the PAC-AK52BC/PAC-AK53BC branch box to connect P100 indoor unit(s), the following procedure is required. 1. Connect the Y-shaped connection pipe end(s) to the indoor unit(s). 2. Mount the branch box.
  • Page 5: Mounting The Branch Box

    ► When connecting indoor units, make sure to connect refrigerant pipes and connection wires to the appropriate connection ports marked with matching alphabets. (Ex. A, B, C, D, E) ► When connecting P100 indoor unit(s) by using PAC-AK52BC/PAC-AK53BC, use Y-shaped connection pipe(s) and perform the following piping. (Fig. 7-2) When a single P100 indoor unit is wired to TB3A, connect the Y-shaped connection pipe ends to Port A + B.
  • Page 6: Installing Drain Piping

    7. Installing refrigerant piping Note: (mm) A special flare nut (optional or attached to the indoor unit) is needed to some indoor units. Please refer to the installation manual of outdoor unit and indoor unit for details. E Section of connection (Fig. 7-4) F Band 9 G Pipe covers 3 4 5 6 H Tighten...
  • Page 7: Electrical Work

    9. Electrical work ► Cautions for electrical work. Warning: • Always use dedicated circuits with breakers, and at the rated voltage. Power supply circuits with insufficient capacity, and bad workmanship dur- ing installation, may result in electric shock or fire. •...
  • Page 8 (3-branch type) Fig. 9-5 9.3. Wiring to P100 indoor units (Fig. 9-6) <Example2> • When wiring P100 indoor unit(s), only use PAC-AK5BC/PAC-AK53BC branch (in case of wiring to P100 indoor unit(s)) box. Branch Box • When wiring a single P100 indoor unit, use TB3A.
  • Page 9: Test Run

    9. Electrical work Warning: In case of A-control wiring, there is high voltage potential on the S3 terminal caused by electrical circuit design that has no electrical insulation between power line and communication signal line. Therefore, please turn off the main power supply when servicing. And do not touch the S1, S2, S3 terminals when the power is energized.
  • Page 10 Please be sure to put the contact address/telephone number on this manual before handing it to the customer. HEAD OFFICE: TOKYO BLDG., -7-3, MARUNOUCHI, CHIYODA-KU, TOKYO 100-8310, JAPAN Authorized representative in EU: MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC EUROPE.B.V. BG79U439K10 Printed in PRC HARMAN HOUSE, 1 GEROGE STREET, UXBRIDGE, MIDDLESEX, UB8 1QQ, U.K.

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