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Safety Instructions For Using The Machine - Husqvarna 225AI15 Operator's Manual

Ice auger
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Safety instructions for using the
The machine can cause serious personal
injury. Read the safety instructions
carefully. Learn how to use the machine.
Cutting tool. Do not touch the cutting
attachment without first switching off the
NOTE! Read the safety instructions carefully before starting to
use the machine.
Personal protection
• Always use the safety
equipment described in the
section "Personal
protective equipment".
• Never wear loose-fitting
clothes, scarves, jewellery
or similar items that could
get caught in the auger.
• Hair should be put up if
longer than shoulder
Protective instructions regarding the
• Never allow children to use the machine.
• Ensure no-one comes within 5 metres while working.
• Never allow anyone to use the machine without first being
absolutely sure that they understand the contents of the
Operator's Manual.
• To prevent damage to the blades, make sure you do not use
the auger in areas where the blades could come into contact
with gravel or stones, especially in shallow water or
underneath bridges, etc.
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Protective instructions while working
• Always ensure you have a
safe and firm working
• Always use both hands to
hold the machine.
• Make sure that no part of
your body comes into
contact with the cutting
attachment when the
engine is running.
• When the engine is
switched off make sure
that no part of your body
comes into contact with
the cutting attachment
before the cutting
attachment has come to a
complete stop.
• If vibration occurs you must stop the machine. Remove the
spark plug cable from the spark plug. Check that the
machine is not damaged. Repair any damage.
Over exposure to vibrations can result in
blood-vessel or nerve injury to persons
suffering with blood circulation problems.
Seek medical attention if you experience
physical symptoms that can be related to
over exposure to vibrations. Examples of
such symptoms are "numbness", lack of
feeling, "tickling", "pricking", "pain", lack
of or a reduction in normal strength,
changes in the colour of the skin or its
surfaces. These symptoms normally appear
in the fingers, hands or wrists.


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